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Black Crimes Matter

Human rights activist and presenter Colin Flaherty organized a protest against Afros' disproportionate acts of violence against whites.
To do this, he and his activists blocked the MLK exit on Nevada I-95.

Colin Flaherty has been fighting the real racism in society for years, namely racism against whites.

The dates of the Bureau of Justice (survey of criminal victimization, 2018) shows that of the 593.598 violent crimes between Caucasians and Afros, 90% targeted Caucasians and only 10% targeted Afros, while Caucasians make up 60.4% of the population and Afros 13.4%.

If both races committed the same number of violent crimes against each other per person, the ratio was almost the other way round (60 Black-to-Black for every 13 Black-to-White or).

In the area of ​​interracial sexual violence, the relationships are even more oblique:
Year-on-year zero incidents of white people who rape or threaten Afros, versus 16.4% of white rape victims (or threat thereof) who indicate that the perpetrator is an African American.

The dates of the Survey of Criminal Victimization goes directly against the Mainstream Media myth of Trump-inspired attacks on African Americans.

However, the fable of racial violence by whites against Afros is so strong that activists like lawyer Elie Mystal are calling on black judges and court juries to acquit black perpetrators of murders of whites, 'to take back whites'.

Colin Flaherty has been researching this for years and has written books such as “Don't make the Black kids angry” and “White girls bleed a lot” in which he describes and combats the violence against Whites and anti-White rhetoric.


Vincent James - Colin Flaherty's protest

The Red Elephant - Colin Flaherty, the “Survey of criminal victimization” and Elie Mystal

Lawyer Elie Mystal - 'Black jurors should acquit black perpetrators of murders of Whites'

Appendix: “Diversity and victimization of interracial crime”


The drop!! Rutte receives BLM demonstrators at Catshuis


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