Black plague killers again sow death and destruction in Orange Free State

In the past 6 weeks, 7 South African farmers have been murdered on their property in the Free State.

This number is just the number counted in one province of South Africa.

Also 320.000 hectares farmland was through arson destroyed in the past month. All for burping torment and chase it away. Livestock, farms, barns and agricultural machines were lost.

Wednesday evening, November 11, at 10:XNUMX a.m., farm 'Thelma' of well-known farmer and taxidermist (animal fitter) Joe Regal was attacked by two wild ones.

Daughter-in-law Angela sitting outside saw what was happening and fired at the intruders. One of them died on the spot from the bullets.

The other farm attacker shot Angela's come out man, Mark Regal, dead.

Joe Regal's 50-year-old son died on his father's farm in Odendaalsrus from a deliberately planned hereditary murder.

On November 5 they became farmers in Hennenman Pieter Hills (56) and his 26-year-old son Eddie slaughtered by black intruders.

They were attacked in their farm called 'Zwartpan'. The son was transferred to a hospital, but was declared brain dead on November 9.

Pieter was executed after first being tied up. Son Eddie witnessed his father being shot point blank in the head and then himself tortured with knives and then shot in the neck.

The culprits of this double farm murder fled in a yellow Isuzu LDV with license plate CBV 837 FS, after stealing weapons from Hills.

This farm murder took place a few hours after the EFF one motion in parliament stating that white farmers treat their workers badly and that there 'really needs to be done about it Worden'through legislation.

The demonize from white farmers to black politicians is commonplace in South Africa.

They are demanding an apology from the white South African farmers for past events. Also want it ANC and the EFF give all farmland to black South Africans.

To the open calls of communist Julius Malema of the EFF for the white farmers kill is eagerly listened to.

Cattle farmer and distinguished war veteran colonel Dave Wessels (65) was stabbed to death at his agricultural company 'Avondster' near Viljoenskroon on October 27 by farm attackers.

On October 1, the 21-year-old turned Brendin Horner tortured and hanged at farm 'de Rots' near Paul Roux by 44-year-old Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje Malamba (32).

October 25 turned the 63-year-old Andries Loots killed as a dog by farm murderers on his pig farm between Welkom and Virginia.

Chickie Wessels (52) was knife-edged by the barbarians paid for by Soros and died on October 30 at his farm in Zastron, where he had only moved to two weeks earlier. He farmed for that in Vanstadensrus.

In September, it took place in the Free State 10 farm attacks take place where 5 farmers were killed.

One of them was David Leslie received on September 1 by a 21-year-old black barbarian was raided on his farm in Eeram near Harrissmith, where he and his son grew, among other things, 700 hectares of potatoes, 600 hectares of maize and 600 hectares of sugar peas.

The 81-year-old farmer lost his death throes in Busamed hospital on October 20, 2020. He enters the grave with a broken nose and crushed cheekbones.



But let's especially ban Zwarte Piet, because that cheerful Pietermanknecht is offensive to black people!

And that is unacceptable, according to Amnesty International, the human rights organization that calls farm murders a myth.

Order your Zwarte Pieten shirt here !!


And at the same time support Dutch culture and the blacklisted CSTV.

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