BlackLivesMatter calls for destruction of white Jesus

Shaun King, the Caucasian African American since the Egyptian Pharaoh and leader of BLM, calls for the destruction of religious works of art depicting a white Jesus.
According to Shaun, white Jesus is a form of "White Supremacy".

Jesus is a Semite, from ancient Israel, with a phenotype that we recognize as white. In addition, Semites are part of the family of Indo-European (or Caucasian) Peoples, which also include Europeans.
Jesus is also shown as a Mediterranean white in the first works of art on which he appeared in the first centuries after his Ascension.

"6th century depiction of Jesus, from Egypt"

Back to the present:
Shaun likes to see an iconoclasm against everything white and Christian. However, he is overplaying his hand with that, for the vast majority of Americans are religious and have no problem with Jesus' race.

Shaun overplayes his hand by choosing an enemy too big for the Culture Marxists. And hits harder in the long run than his Marxist fist.


Dr. Steve Turley - "BLM wants to destroy all White Jesus artworks"

Tarl Warwick - The Far Left shoots himself in the foot by attacking Christianity

6th Century depiction of Jesus, from an Egyptian monastery (Katharina monastery)

Appendix: “6th Century Depiction of Jesus, from Egypt”

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