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Blackmail, bribery, rewards, threats, ruse and deceit

Everything is pulled out to push you to the 'vaccine' center.

Not only in the Netherlands. It's like all corona hoax nonsense, it's happening all over the world simultaneously.

hugo de Jonge recently gave his tel-sell talk and in Austria they can also do something about it. The government has had a cringe-inducing spray propaganda film made. The difference with the Netherlands, however, is that the media in Austria has paid critical attention to this insane propaganda. You don't have to watch the whole video, but do take a look at the disgusting images of the dancing happy people with their gene injection:



Get a syringe and you can go straight to the dance event in the Jaarbeurs hall in Utrecht.

That's the sales technique.

Correctly informing about the how, what, where and why is out of the question.


Is there really hardly anyone (with the exception of the CSTV readers) who can think about how sickly criminal this is. The syringe and that test is forced on you by politicians because otherwise they will not give back your fundamental rights. Do you go to the doctor every day to ask if you are sick? You don't do that, do you? You go to the doctor when you are sick.

I will not enter into a substantive discussion with anyone from the stupid masses. I only ask:

“We are in the midst of the most terrible pandemic of the past 100 years, a pandemic that has been going on for a year and a half… but…..

How many people do you know personally, and I mean PERSONALLY, who had to go to hospital or have died?”

I ask everyone I meet and almost always the answer, after some thought, is “ehhhh, zero actually”.

Or sometimes one, but it also turned out to have cancer.

Well, my father is registered as covid-19 dead, but in reality he died of a heart attack. And I can assure you that my father is not the only one who has taken the truth with a grain of salt with the covid deaths.


A friend of mine sent me this tile wisdom. Shorter and more powerful it cannot be explained:



But the majority swallows the propaganda for sweet cake. Long lines for the spraying plants. Hoera! I've got it!

A dear friend of mine had their first shot a while ago. Very, very carefully I had been talking to them for a while about the epidemic and the dangers of the gene therapy injection. But to no avail. And when they told me that they could get their second shot soon, I begged them with tears in my eyes not to do it.

"Haha, maybe my skin will turn green and dog ears will grow on my head, but we'll do it anyway."

I offered them both 500 euros not to do it. But they said:

“What good is 500 euros if we are dead later?”

They don't know anyone who died of covid. Yet it is so ingrained in the head that if you don't take the syringe, you will die.

Another friend is going to have his second injection tomorrow. An intelligent and learned man and when I asked him why he replied that he needs it in order to travel. A sad answer but I think this applies to a lot of people. Let me put that muzzle on, otherwise it's all such a hassle. Let me take those syringes, otherwise it'll be so hard to travel.

It's unbelievably scary that people can think like that.


What kind of world have we ended up in where politicians are in charge when it comes to our health?

Politicians dictate that you should be diagnosed while you are not sick with an unproven disease. Politicians dictate that you should have experimental drugs injected while you are not sick with an unproven disease.

Why should health care not be left to the people who have studied for it? Doctors, for example. No, a group of vets and politicians determine what happens to your body. Doctors are banned. Doctors who come up with substantiated facts are ignored. Doctors who have researched the PCR test, medicines, and the effects of vaccines are being removed from the (social) media and other channels.

dr. Peter Borger with his retraction paper on the PCR test, completely ignored.

Doctor Bhakdi with his warnings to the EMA. Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi has 30 years of experience as a professor of immunology. This sympathetic man is extremely concerned about the long-term consequences of these gene injections. Together with a team of international scientists, their research has shown that the spike proteins that your body will produce after the genetically modifying mRNA injection can leave a trail of destruction throughout your body. The fire letter is classified vertically by the European Medicines Agency.

And there are so many thousands of other doctors, physicians and scientists who express similar concerns. We have reported extensively here on CSTV and published the research results and opinions of many concerned specialists, including the inventor of the mRNA technique.

All sensible information that appears on these topics on youtube, facebook, linkedinn, twitter: get rid of it!

It's like the book burnings of the past, but digitally.

And then serious scientists should be happy that they themselves are not burned at the stake.


In my opinion, everyone, including children, should have that syringe because otherwise, if renowned scientists prove to be right, it will be clearly established that vaccinated people are not protected, but become victims of the syringe (and therefore victims of government terror). ). The group of unvaccinated people, who will soon survive the next flu wave without any problems, should be kept as small as possible. Because if that were a significant group, then these criminals, when they are unequivocally exposed, are lynched.


Meanwhile, the next series of measures is already being prepared.

That will be a bit of a shock for the victims (well thought Gladiator!) when they find out that “the only solution to this crisis is the vaccine” were nothing more than hugo's empty talk.

Take a look at this chart and compare 2020 (pre-gene injection) and 2021, where the operation of the gene injection is held responsible for the decline in death rates in Europe. You and I know, of course, that this is just cunning and that the normal seasonal effect is responsible for this.


I've explained to CSTV readers before that this circus of panic will never end. I don't know exactly which agendas will be rolled out, but that agendas will be rolled out is certain. The fourth wave of nonsense is coming, in the form of the extremely dangerous delta variant.

My only hope is that later in September/October, when all the custodial measures are reintroduced, there will be a little more people starting to think. Who begin to wonder how we were promised that our world would return to normal if we all took that shot. And now we have all obediently taken the injection and now we have to go into lockdown again, with curfew, mouth caps, keep distance and shops and restaurants have to close again……

Maybe then a little more people will start to understand that we are being fooled.

Because let's be honest: If the NOS and the ad and the telegraaf hadn't bombarded you every day for a year and a half with 'news' about the vréééééééséal pandemic, the infections, the variants, the hospitals and the need for the 'vaccines', you would not have noticed a 'pandemic' at all. Then you wouldn't have noticed a crisis at all, a first, second and third wave. Then you might have had a friend or acquaintance or family member who had been in bed for a week because of the flu and life went on as normal.


The BBB agenda must be rolled out and that cannot be done if the majority of people get out of the fear hysteria.

So you have to stay in it. Soon the hospitals will supposedly fill up again and that is because of the variants, but mainly because of the few awake people who did not participate in the spraying experiment. They become the pariahs of society. They'll come up with something to blame the unsprayed people. As long as that group isn't too big. France is already considering simply making the syringe mandatory. If necessary, under duress or on pain of heavy fines. Well, you know by now that all governments have the same menu of measures, so other countries will soon follow.

Spain, where life is actually fairly normal again, is still holding down the panic button. The Spanish youngsters can finally enjoy their youth a little bit again and went to Mallorca in full. But the party was short-lived. One person became unwell and had to go to hospital. It was then claimed that it was a corona spreader and all young people in Mallorca were locked up in their hotels under police guard. Of course, the MSM immediately took over the panic news. It is not reported that a judge has brushed off these actions and the young people are now free again. The regime will, of course, appeal. And among the youth, the fear is well again.

They are already cooking it all up again. Travel to Portugal, to Spain, visits to football matches, pop concerts and other gatherings will soon be identified as causes for new 'waves of contamination' and thus the justification for even more government terror.

The youth of today who just go and party a little. Can't say that!



It is all our fault that they have to reintroduce the measures.

In reality, also with the fourth and the future fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth wave nothing is wrong,

except that our lives are further ruined.


The acclaimed Dr. Pierre Capel has another disturbing yet enlightening video message. He explains why the brains of a Wappie (Scientific Active Person Talking in Honesty) are still working and the lappies are not.


That explains why the fear must continue to be fed.

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