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Blank Guilt: Stephen Lawrence Day


On April 23, 2018, a large church meeting was held in St. Martin-in-the-fields to commemorate someone who died 25 years earlier.
Prime Minister Theresa, Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, Prince Harry and Meghan were present.

So! Then it must be a very important person! A veteran? Scientist? Fireman?
No: It was for Stephen Lawrence, a black young man who "Without provocation" is said to have been murdered by six white men in 1993.

However, there was too little evidence to convict the six men and the claim that it was one "Racist" murder was based on the fact that one of the suspects "Negro" had said (without further context)

Lawrence's death sparked a manhunt for all that "Racist" used to be. Even the police were charged with 'racism for negligence' and a 300 page report was published on "Institutional racism".

Advice: Hire more colored agents.

Since 1993, organizations, awards and buildings, named after Stephen, have been established to fight against "Inequality of opportunity" en "racism".

Stephen's mother was made a baroness, became a Labor Party politician and organized “anti-racism” (read: anti-white) campaigns.

De "Baroness" shouted last year that the white firefighters who extinguished the Grenfell Tower were racist because they did their job "not good enoughDid.


As in other parts of the Western world, we see that as white people do their best to facilitate and help colored people, anti-white rhetoric from the Afro communities continues to grow. STANK FOR THANKS.


Differences in intelligence between population groups:

Jared Taylor: Stephen Lawrence Day

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