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BOAs demand PEPPERSPRAY and COATSTONS against LOCKDOWN offenders

Police State of the Netherlands

Now that the government is taking very strict containment measures during the lockdown, extraordinary investigating officers (boas) are making themselves heard.

They want to obtain defenses such as pepper spray and batons through an emergency procedure.

Chairman of the Dutch BOA Bond Ruud Kuin asks this in a letter to the Minister of Justice and Security.


Yesterday, Kuin responded to AT5 in response to two violent incidents last week. On the Pieter Calandlaan in Amsterdam, four boas were injured when they were attacked by a group of about ten people.

A BOA was concussed by the violence used. In Rotterdam, BOAs were kicked, beaten and spat on when they wanted to FINE people for not adhering to the corona rules.

Richard Gerrits, chairman of the trade union BOA-ACP, also addressed Ferd Grapperhaus, Minister of Justice and Security, directly.

It is not a new message. As early as August, he made it clear that the approximately 25.000 BOAs in the Netherlands want better tools to properly perform their enforcement tasks.

But now that all meetings have been banned indefinitely and there is an emergency ordinance that will allow mayors to enforce faster if people fail to comply with the new government measures, their duties will become even more important. And so also the tools, according to the BOA chairman.

“You are not going to have the best conversations on the street in the near future. We have been in talks with the minister for a while. ”

“We are going to emphasize once again that we want to be able to defend ourselves properly. Boas must be in possession of pepper spray, other defenses and masks. ”

… According to BOA CEO Gerrits.

According to Kuin, the corona crisis is causing enforcers to need the armor, consisting of pepper spray and a baton, more than ever:

“After all, it is by definition about enforcement against groups (three or more) and about HIGH fines. Both circumstances (group and amount of fines) lead by definition to more RESISTANCE and aggression. ”, it is written in the letter.

The union said yesterday that more and more stories are coming from affiliated members of people who react INIRRITED when they are called to comply with the 1,5 meter distance rule.

Almost a year ago, mayor Femke Halsema decided that BOAs in the city should be equipped with pepper spray, to correct groups of annoying young people on the street, while in Amsterdam they have been able to thrive for decades with porridge, water and tea drinking tea instead of back. are sent to sandbox of origin.

Halsema submitted her pepper spray application to Minister Grapperhaus. Yet the BOAs still do NOT have the means of defense available. That is why Kuin is now asking for an urgent procedure.

“Today, in the interest of public health, big and BREAKDOWN decisions are taken in VERY SHORT times. As far as we are concerned, this should also apply to the urgent procedure we have requested. ”

Long live democracy! And if the citizens do nothing, more and more “un-Dutch” situations will take place.

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