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Bodycam Reveals: Former Trump Team Leader Sheltered With Brutal Force

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Brad Parscale that Sunday, according to an official report from the police suicide attempt wanted to undertake, had no firearms in his hand according to bodycam footage that has just surfaced.

Parscale, Trump's campaign manager and later associate, is said to have wanted to shoot himself in his head in his home in the Seven Isles District, Florida.

Because he posed a danger to others and himself, after an emergency call from his wife who was not present in the house herself, he was taken to a psychiatric establishment.

This happened under the Baker act. A law whereby you can be involuntarily locked up in a psychiatric institution.

Whether Parscale was suicidal has not been revealed at all from the images and waving multiple firearms has not been demonstrated either.

Still, Brad Parscale is now very likely redflagged and the weapons he would have in his possession will then be revoked with the Baker Act in hand. These are immediately removed from his home, while he is temporarily locked up in an asylum.

Is there a politics here? setup?

Matt Johnson of the Florida Gun Rights Initiative states that everyone with resentment, such as an outraged employer / employee or a spurned ex, a phone call can commit to police and say that someone is a danger to the environment or wants to commit suicide Then this becomes as evidence seen in court where you are redflaged and therefore lose your firearms license.

Mrs. Parscale also has a Baker act that she can use against her husband at will, which makes taking weapons even easier.

Would it still be just ordinary marital strife been last Sunday morning?

In any case, Parscale was not, as it initially was communicated taken by the police, 'in consultation'.

Because on the bodycam images you can see that he is coarse geweld to the ground.

Brad Parscale shouted repeatedly, "I haven't done anything wrong!"

Despite this, he went straight removed to a psychiatric hospital.


Trump's campaign hero taken to asylum

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