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Bolshevik Bernie fantasizes “rape 12-year-old girls attractive”

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Bernie Sanders won the caucus in Nevada last Saturday.

South Carolina will be next Saturday's turn. Bernie Sanders has momentum!

Super Tuesday is on the doorstep and Bolshevik Bernie is winning…. !!…. ??

The democrats are fighting hard against hard for the presidency. It becomes ordinary muddling and all kinds of corpses come out.

Not a pretty sight !!

Often Michael Bloomberg is the pinch, but this week Bernie Sanders had a good turn. the 'low and sick' news article surfaced, from 1972, to bite Bernie.

Youth photo Creepy Bernie


Writings by Sanders about his sexual fantasies that Sanders is being beaten with these days could not really count on support.

Sanders wrote about a married woman lying in bed with her husband to fulfill her marital duties and meanwhile she fantasizes that she is being raped by three men at the same time.

Bernie also says that newspapers use headlines like: "12-year-old girl raped by 14 men" sell very well, because it is very attractive for men to read stories like that.

Many men think that Bernie should speak for himself and not on behalf of all men.

The Democratic Party dismisses it as decades old  'dark satire'.

Bernie and his wife went on a 'honeymoon' in the romantic Soviet Union in the XNUMXs.

He praised the land to heaven.

He might have forgotten that people in the Soviet Union lived in abject fear and poverty.

-The infamous 'bread rows'.
-Long queues for the stores with people trying to get bread and milk.
-The KGB.
-Babbed housing.

But Bernie loved the INFRASTRUCTURE in the USSR and had the time of his life during his honeymoon.

200.000 Russians died during the Red Terror.
11 million starved.
700.000 people were executed.
1.6 million Russians died during migrations.
2.7 million unfortunates died in the gulags.

In 1985 Bernie Sanders visited Nicaragua, where he celebrated the sixth anniversary of the Social Revolution. He visited Daniel Ortega and found him one 'very impressive guy'.

"Bread rows are a good thing, in other countries there was nothing to eat at all, but in Nicaragua at least people could still line up for flour and maybe bread." said Bernie.

Creepy Joe and Bloomberg lose out to the plain nonsense that Sanders spouted in the 80's.

Sanders was and is a big fanboy of the Castro brothers.
The socialist hellhole Cuba is the absolute dream country of the Democrat.

Fidel Castro confiscated tens of thousands of farms, businesses and shops.
He also just took houses from ordinary people without giving a reason.

To this day, there is no freedom of expression or press freedom in Cuba. You are also not allowed to go where you want.

If you're lucky you'll earn $ 20 a month. While Castro himself owns $ 900.000.000 million.

But, says Bernie Sanders, people are not allowed to complain because they have learned to read for free.

-In 2015, only 5% of people in Cuba had internet.
In 1994, people died of hunger.
-In 2016, public corporal punishment and arbitrary autocratic imprisonment, Big Brother monitoring and beatings were observed.
-In 2019, Cubans were once again in line for bread, flour, chicken and soap.

This is Sanders' dream country. He also wants to organize this for the United States.

-'Medicare for all '
- Give oil and gas away to people who want to abolish the use of oil and gas, while oil and gas are at the heart of the American economy.
-Free lecture for all students.
-Green new deal, paid leave, free childcare.
Study loans that no longer need to be repaid.

The United States budget for this type of business is 4.5 trillion dollars. But Sanders' ideas cost more than 100 trillion dollars more than expected.

We pick up a calculator:
-32 trillion for Medicare.
-93 trillion for the Green Deal.

Bernie's answer to this is:
"I'm not going to justify every penny and penny here now."

Free properties. Green deal. Free medicine Free healthcare. Free healthy food. Free vacation.

Sweet little Gerrit will have to pay for this!

They already take 50-60 percent of what you make money and now they want a bite of the apple. That is legalized theft !!

What you can drink. How much salt you use. Grab your weapons and money !!

If you are wise to save, they will confiscate your savings and if you die, half of what you leave behind! What you say, where you live, what work you do and how much you can earn.

But Bernie promises you a job guaranteed!

Already $ 100 trillion exceeding the initial cost estimate.

How are they going to pay for this?

By confiscating private land and businesses. Just like his comrades in Nicaragua and Cuba.

Open borders, late abortions, the cancellation of the right to possession of weapons.

The extremely radical socialist democratic party.

The Bolshevik Plague.
100 years of communism - 100 million dead.
Communism is the greatest catastrophe for humanity since time immemorial.


Spread the freedom!

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