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Bolsonaro supporters blocked on Facebook

Supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro are blocked on Facebook. This happens after the Supreme Court of Brazil ordered this.

The group of supporters had been accused of spreading fake news against judges. Even though the medium has said that this measure poses a threat to freedom of expression. Facebook will appeal this order.

According to the judges, Facebook had been used to call for a military coup that should overthrow the parliament and Supreme Court.

In May, a judge Facebook had it order given to block 12 users, also Twitter had to do this with 16 accounts.

On Friday, the Supreme Court fined Facebook € 313.000 for refusing to fully suspend these users. Facebook had only pledged to block accounts operating from Brazil. Furthermore, Facebook would have to pay fines of € 16.000 for every day that it did not comply with the orders.

Facebook said in a statement that the injunction was extreme, "in violation of laws and jurisdictions worldwide".

"Given the threat of criminal liability for a local employee, we currently see no alternative but to comply with the decision by blocking users worldwide while appealing to the Supreme Court." - Said Facebook

Prominent supporters blocked

Among the blocked accounts was also the account of Roberto Jefferson, the leader of a Bolsonaro coalition party. And Luciano Hang, one of Brazil's most famous business people.

Facebook and Twitter are under pressure for so-called “hate speech” and “false information”.

In July blocked Facebook dozens of accounts on Facebook and Instagram that they said were involved in the creation of "fictional personas masquerading as reporters" and "disguised as news broadcasts."

It said it linked the accounts to workers in President Bolsonaro's government. Like his sons Eduardo and Flávio and others.

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