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BOLSONARO wants ARMS for Brazilians against power drunken POLITICI during lockdown

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Recently, Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro held a two-hour angry rant about mayors and ministers in his country taking advantage of the lockdown.

Also for the Minister of Justice Sérgio Moro Bolsonaro had no mercy.

The images are released on purpose by the Brazilian Supreme Court to order Bolsonaro compromise.

In the media, the video is laughed at and so on spinned, that it seems as if Bolsonaro is just angry with the police and wants to make fun of them because an investigation into his sons is underway.

Bolsonaro would want to sabotage that investigation illegally and through this vulgar rant, thus the worldwide explanation of the mobile phone.

Especially the fencing language was a thorn in the side of hypocritical politicians and journalists.

The speech says enough and needs little further explanation ...

The speech read as follows:

“The net closes around the rotten apples.
I have to be careful, people who move in the trias politica, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, they have no idea what it feels like to belong to the people. ”

I sometimes chat with them.
They don't know what rice with beans tastes like !!

They never go to the market.
They forgot!

And then one of those bastards comes and says: look so and so breaks his quarantine or the social distancing rules ...
What a bad example he sets blah blah ...

But I say, what does it matter to me, crazy, goddamn it !!

That man is hungry, he is the cock !! He's fucked !!

But those elitist morons don't deal with the people. They don't know what's really going on.

Like that piece of shit in São Paolo.
And that bastard from Rio de Janeiro.

They abuse the virus!

That shithead in Manaus.
They just dig mass graves !!
Pieces of shit!

Because of that coronavirus, rapists are released from prison.

Imagine!! That your own daughter is raped by such a motherf # cker. !!

We have to put ourselves in the people!
In the father of a raped daughter !!
Who suffers because that rig is put back on the street!

Fuck the one who made this decision !!
We must attack them !!

We must destroy those politicians.
That trend is getting worse !!
I want to destroy those bastards!

People point the finger at me.
They say Jair I voted for you. Help us now! ”


Do something!! Fight for us !!

And they are right!

I don't care about the re-election!
I want you to sign this regulation today, please.

Because I want to send a clear message to these pieces of shit !!

I want everyone to get a weapon!
Because I don't want a police state in Brazil !!

We can't hold out anymore with this lockdown !!

What these perverts want with us feels like hemorrhoids.
They want to take away our freedom !!

This is the truth and as clear as a cube !!

Just for clarity about this weapon issue:

I want weapons for everyone. All Brazilians must be armed.
Because an armed population can never be enslaved.
So folks please think about what is most precious to you.

More important than your life: your freedom.

Because a chained man is not worth a shit!

For those who don't accept this, my haters:

Family, God, Brazil, freedom, freedom of expression, free market!

They don't accept this who are in the wrong government !!

I am not going to wait until the boat sinks completely, I have to bail!

I keep bailing on all departments.

Those who do not understand that: too bad !!

I have the power to do something and I will use it !!

Without exception I go to all ministries !!
I am going to intervene !!

And sorry to say it, but our security services are an embarrassment and a mockery.

It is a shame!
They never inform me !!!

I can't work like that, they make it difficult for me.

I am going to intervene !!
End of story.

This is not a threat.
It is not an extrapolation.

It is a fact!!

I'm going to take your veto right. I have to. I'm going to do that.

And I have said before: anyone who gets complimented by the mobile phone is fired.

Certain internet sites have only written good news about some ministers.
How is this possible?!

I'm not blowing off steam here, this is serious !!

Our boat is sailing! But we don't know if we might hit an iceberg along the way.
Given the corona, we don't know which way we're going. We can sink any time.

So for everyone this concerns: wake up!
If I fall, you will fall with me, but let's plunge into the abyss.

For a good cause! Not for bullshit !! Like that damn corona investigation.

Come on! For God's sakes!

You examine me. I don't care if you guys are looking for a secret Swiss bank account or a blow with a contractor !!
Impeach me !!

But not about corona bullshit !!! No!

You have found nothing against me, no conflicts of interest, no corruption, nothing !!

Nada, zero point zero!

We are all in the mash through this corona.
Let's get out of here.

The future of Brazil is in the hands of this small group of privileged people here in the room.

I can't do this alone, let's work together
Step forward, show your true nature.

Get your head out of your ass and come beat me up when I really deserve a beating!

But you can't live with your head in your ass forever!

You think that I only take care of my own skin and whether I am on the picture!
If my image from pretty boy to intact.
And my reputation is ok!

But no!! That is not true!
WE must respond to all this misery!
WE have to get up.

This is a completely different story.
We must radiate dignity as a government!


We must be submissive to the people, to the Brazilians.

We are going down together with them !!

Do not play games.

Otherwise the end is practice !! ”

The 'leaked' video:

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