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I'm just telling you very hard: “Dutch people, you are idiots, naive and fall for everything. Losers!"

Government Notice to Government Citizens:

"I'm just saying it hard!"

“We are tearing your families apart. We lock up your elderly and ensure that you can never touch your partner or mother again. We will fine you. We let your company go bankrupt. We'll take your job. We take your life. We take away your enjoyment of life. We'll take everything we can from you. We are going to suppress you completely so that our bosses can build the New Normal. We don't care about you at all and we don't want to discuss any other opinion, solution or cure for this virus. We censor that and we quell every other sound! ”

And why? “Because you Dutch are naively obedient idiots that we want in our pocket for the new normal. We show meaningless numbers on positive PCR tests and you fall for it. Or do you really think that this complete destruction of this land and its people was necessary to combat a "virus" that killed 6.000 elderly people with, not? "


"And this? We'll talk this right again! ”

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