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Boris unites the Kingdom

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Boris Johnson's popularity has continued to grow since the last parliamentary election on December 12, 2019.

In the aggregate of polls, Boris can now count on an absolute majority (51%) of the British:

A majority UNITED in one KINGDOM behind Johnson and the Conservative Party.

Both Boris' decisiveness around Brexit, the decision to curb immigration and the complete derailment of “Left” parties and organizations have boosted Johnson's popularity.

Last December, Johnson's Conservative Party (“Tories”) won 43.6% of the vote and 55% of the seats. Boris then also won in districts that traditionally voted for Jeremy Corbyn's “Left” Labor Party.

Boris Johnson is doing a good job now, but be aware that this man used to be a GLOBALIST in the past !!

He is, in the words of Dr. Steve Turley, one "National Populist Light": A convert, but not yet a full Nationalist.

Polls and poll aggregate since the last 'General Election'


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