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Biden on the way to victory Democratic nomination

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Biden is up today with 41% of the interim votes for Sanders. 

That translates to 1217 delegates for Biden and 914 for Sanders. Anyone who wins 1991 delegates, or more, becomes Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

Biden's odds have only grown since Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Warren and Klobuchar left the race. All these candidates have rallied behind Biden, except Elisabeth Warren.

Cardiac patient Bernie Sanders then takes a fresh turn when his well-attended rallies were canceled due to the Chįñæzæ Hœst and a ban on gatherings of 10-100 people in different states.

Fortunately, the Biden campaign has no difficulty in keeping to the maximum meeting size, but the Biden team has decided to have Joe campaigned from YouTube.


Democratic Nominations 2020:

Warren does not support a candidate:

Biden's latest YouTube video:



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