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Boycott Fred Perry taking Proud Boys polo off the market!

The British clothing brand Fred Perry stops selling his famous black and yellow polo in the United States and Canada.

The reason is the success of the shirt at the global Proud Boys movement.


Photo: President of Proud Boys international, Enrique Tarrio

'This is extremely frustrating, but we do not want such a right-wing organization in any way linked ', it says in a press release from Fred Perry.

The company emphasizes that inclusiveness, diversity en independence have been the core values ​​of the Fred Perry brand for over 65 years.

In the 70s, the black and yellow polo came on the market. The piece of textile was worn by different subcultures and generations, without any prejudice. '

Also skinheads wore Fred Perry for decades, but weirdly enough, you never heard Fred Perry about that at the time.

It wasn't until four years ago that John Flynn came to the mainstream media account as president of the brand for its association with nationalists provided by Fred Perry now neo-Nazis are called.

"Founder Fred Perry was the son of a Jewish Socialist working-class MP," he said.



'He became tennis champion at a time when that sport still radiated something elite. Then he worked with a Jewish businessman Tibby Wegner from Eastern Europe. We therefore regret having to answer questions like this. Of course we support extreme right-wing ideals CANNOT. train of thought goes against everything we stand for. ”said Fred Perry inc.



The nationalist Proud Boys regularly appear at Trump rallies, but have been released by the FBI considered a right-wing group because they dare to openly defend themselves against it far-left Antifa.



Founder Gavin McInnes wrote several times that the polo was the right uniform to wear multiculturalism to fight.

However, with the Proud Boys everybody welcome.

All races, straight, gay, Muslim, Jew, Christian etc.

If you are only a man and you want to fight for your own nation.



But Fred Perry emphasizes that the shirt will only be sold again as the link with the Proud Boys fully disappeared too!

In the meantime, the brand is doing business legal action against counterfeiting:

'Illegal use is inadmissible', it sounds.

'We have nothing to do with Proud Boys products with our black and yellow colors and our laurel wreath. '

Last weekend, the Proud Boys held a rally in Portland, OR.



Many Proud Boys were arrested there by the nervous police encouraged was adopted by Oregon Governor Kate Brown.



Kate Brown last year signed law SB 664, which states that the Holocaust and genocide must be taught from the 20/21 school year.

Kate Brown, who prides itself on being the first openly bi-sexual governor, said during a press conference fear for the leven of the people of Oregon through the Proud Boys demonstration.



The liberal Brown calls the group the extreme right and that is why the peaceful rally Saturday, September 26th as soon as possible.



This she says while there already five months long night after night demonstrations and riots are from BlackLivesMatter in Portland.

Antifa once again contributed to the good atmosphere in Portland through a counter-demonstration to be held right next to the Proud Boys rally.

Like Fred Perry, CNN does not pass up an opportunity to consider the men drunk neo-Nazis to portray.

Proud Boys only let you know left-wing en racisme to hate.

"We are not afraid to defend ourselves."



The Anti-Fascists briefed CNN viewers on the fact that the Proud Boys drink piss and that they are actually called the Proud little penis Boys who fear their power if it superior race to lose.

The fact is that the riots that evening started purely between Antifa and the police. The proud Proud Boys weren't out for bloodshed, but CNN made it clear that the cowardly Proud Boys had left with their tails between their legs.




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