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We must fight on all possible fronts. The terrorists who now want to screw up our whole lives know no bounds. Look what's happening in Australia, look what's happening in Austria…. That's all part of the plan. And that all comes to us too. That is what awaits all of us.




Rutler and Hufter have announced that they will consider similar exclusion measures in the coming weeks. That's all part of the propaganda Klaus Schwab dictates to them. It's not going to be thought about at all. It's all set already. The only thing they will think about is how they will massage it into your brain via the media.

Soon you will think it is a good idea that healthy people, people who still have mental faculties (because that is the first thing that destroys the poison syringes) should not go anywhere anymore. Maybe just got to do their shopping, but that won't last. That poison syringe has to go in.

Good luck is long gone. Reluctantly, bastard the youngster goes from door to door. Two romeos to hold you and a temp to put the syringe (they don't even know how to do that correctly) inside your body.



We will also have to move forward in this war of good against evil. Demonstrations alone, which are still clubbed, of course, will not help us. We need blockades and strikes. And much tougher measures than that.

Molotov cocktails are perhaps going a step too far for many. But that will come. And a lot more too. Because again, they know no boundaries with their terrorist actions. We are civilized and literate people, but we also have our limits in the end. And they are already very close to that. And once the bear is loose, we no longer know any boundaries.


But let's keep it civil for now.

This is also a form of resistance:

A delicious bottle of good quality wine is already for sale at a wine merchant or in a supermarket from 5 or 6 euros.

A bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape or a Marqués de Riscal Rioja, hey, we're talking about some of the tastiest wines in the world, can be found with a bit of luck for 12 or 13 euros. In a Dutch or Belgian restaurant these are on the menu for at least 50 euros.

If you order a bottle or carafe of 'house wine' in any kind of restaurant, you will easily pay 20 to 25 euros. That wine has cost their purchase price less than 3 euros per liter or 2 and a half euros per bottle.



I'm not a chef but I don't hate cooking and I like to experiment.

In most restaurants, starters cost between 15 and 20 euros these days and main courses 25 to 30 euros. And we can do that better, cheaper, nicer and tastier.

When I am tempted to go to a restaurant again, if it is a family or friend event, I am always amazed by this. The simplest home cook cooks better than most 'chefs' in restaurants. All that crap they serve you just comes from the Makro or the Sligro. They just heat it up for you. There are of course exceptions, but then usually double the amounts mentioned above.



But okay, eating out is also for the atmosphere, for the fun.

Except nowadays. Nowadays you have to show your anti-Jewish star or you won't be allowed in. You have to finish your plate quickly otherwise you will be thrown into the street halfway through your dinner.


Let's just stop it. Let's just stop going to a restaurant or cafe.

Boycott that whole trade and then let's see who can last longer!

Enjoy your beer and wine at home. Have a nice meal together at home.


I have written about it many times before.

The people with common sense have fought for the rights of (among others) the catering entrepreneurs for a year and a half. The result is that the people who thought it was all right that society was being screwed up, can now enter with their QR code and receive a warm welcome and the people who have fought for their rights are now shown the door.

Dirty Dirty Nazis!

Boycott the whole mess.


Invite your friends and family. Of course they also want to ban that, but at your home, dear people, you are the boss and nobody, but then too NOBODY different! You don't have to open the door for anyone if you don't want to. No brownshirt, no matter how many swastikas he's got pinned on his sleeve, may enter your property without your permission!

Grab a few nice Belgian beers and/or a few nice bottles of wine or just drink a beer if you prefer. You can buy that appetizer for which you pay 12 euros in the pub in the supermarket for 1.95. You only have to heat it yourself in the (hot air) oven or deep fryer.

We can make it so much nicer and so much cozier at home. No dirty glasses, no dirty cutlery, no waving all the time to a waiter who has no time or no desire to come to your table. No waiting for a lukewarm beer or a sour wine. Not half raw and half burnt steak when you asked for a 'good' cooked steak.


And what makes you so sick of it:

If you want to leave, ask for the bill, have to wait fifteen minutes for it, then a tray with a receipt is thrown on your table and you can wait another half hour for your change.

Let them be fed up with those NSB'ers who obediently follow the instructions of the dictators while waiting for the compensation schemes, which are also paid from our tax money.


Ready quickly and 10 times as tasty:

Starter: Prawns and/or scallops with fresh vegetables.

Cut leek, carrot and celery julienne or just into small pieces. Fry it in butter and add shrimp and/or scallops.

Herbs, salt, pepper to taste, a knob of butter and a dash of cream and finally a small dash of pastis.

(buy and use only strokecream 35%. Not that unilever crap like cooking cream, prut cream, culinary cream, all chemical stuff)


Main course: Chicken breast with honey mustard sauce and spicy chicory salad.

Cut open the chicken breasts if you like them crispy, or leave them whole if you want to keep the meat soft inside.

Bake the fillets.

Mix honey and coarse mustard together, add cream, heat and pour over the chicken breasts. (optionally with a dash of cognac)

Finely chop the chicory. Make a sauce of mayonnaise, sweet and sour Thai sauce, sambal to taste and finely chopped garlic, and mix it through the chicory.

Sprinkle some freshly ground pepper on top.

Buy tasty sambal at the toko!


Deserts: I have no idea about that. Just do what you like.


Your guests will be happy. You are happy. You eat better than in most restaurants. And it's all done in no time. Nice wine with it.

With four people about 25 euros lost. The price you would otherwise only pay for an inferior bend wine in any restaurant.

Oh, I forgot another cocktail beforehand: Pisco Sour (from Peru). To make it a great party:

Get a bottle of Pisco from the liquor store. (If you can't find that or if they ask you the top prize for it, pisco sour can also be made with gin or gin, it's not that much different. Peruvians don't think so, but I think so, haha)

Buy fresh limes. For 4 people easily 8 limes. Really, that gives so much more flavor than lime juice from a bottle!

Squeeze the limes and put the juice in the blender. Add the pisco (or gin/gin) (amount to taste), add ice cubes, add sugar (to taste) and add the white of an egg (hopefully you already know how to split an egg !!!)

You know, you just have to determine the proportions yourself. Some like more lime and less booze, others like it better the other way around.

If the brew has bled out, you will see that it has a nice foam layer. That's because of the protein. Pour into glasses and finally sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on top.

Oh people, this is going to be the best dinner with family and/or friends ever.

We really don't need those bastards anymore!


We will come back to those Molotov cocktails later.

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