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Boycott the Bijenkorf!

In the branch of The Beehive in Amstelveen wearing a face mask has been mandatory since 1 October.

One day earlier, wearing the mouth mask was already mandatory at the location in, among other places Amsterdam.

Customers who visit the branch receive a mouth mask at the door awarded by safety coordinators, if they are not carrying one themselves.

De Bijenkorf goes with the measure further than the urgent advice of the cabinet.

Rutte leaves it to shopkeepers and entrepreneurs to make a mouth mask mandatory or not, this because of the confusion among the Dutch population.

'We give priority to the veiligheid of our employees and our visitors, 'says a spokesperson for De Bijenkorf.

'The house rules have therefore become stricter. We saw yesterday that everyone really appreciates that face masks in the store moeten are worn. ', de Bijenkorf lies.

It is still unclear how long the commitment applies to wearing a mouth mask in the branches of De Bijenkorf.

'Until further notice'is the only thing De Bijenkorf wants to get rid of.

A new brand of face masks has also been launched by the Bijenkorf.

The brand is called: Snurk

Goodnight Bijenkorf customer! Keep shopping at the Bijenkorf!

Shop till you drop (dead because of your facemask!)


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