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Brainwashing: “White woman leaves“ to make way for colored person ”

The West suffers from the unique disease: Guilt for who we are and what we have achieved. A loud minority falls for it, and another part points to the net positive contribution that the West has made in terms of science and standard of living, benefiting even the inhabitants of the Third World.

But back to the self-incriminating minority, who believe in dangerous conspiracy theories like “institutional racism” and “racist police”.

Some of this group have been brainwashed to such an extent that they are willing to atone for or give way to brown people.
This is also the case with Emma Waslander, who will give up her place in the art committee of Pride Amsterdam for someone of “color”
Emma did this "to break open the system" in the fight against "Institutional racism".

Yes, there is institutional racism in Amsterdam, called “positive” discrimination. At least that is what the City Council wants to reintroduce in order to increase the number of non-Western immigrants in the higher echelons of the civil service: 'In case of equal suitability, preference is given to the applicant with a non-Western background'.

The Municipality of Amsterdam had previously experienced positive discrimination at the end of the last century, but to no avail.

Why didn't it work then. And why won't it work again?

This has to do with the characteristics of the groups you are trying to recruit: Due to differences in culture and IQ *, these groups produce proportionally fewer applicants of “equal suitability” than East Asians, Ashkenazi Jews, Dutch and other Western Peoples.

Saul Geiser, on behalf of the Center For Studies in Higher Education, researched the impact of race, family income and educational attainment of 1.1 million students enrolled at the University of California between 1994 and 2011: More than a third of the differences in scores on the entrance test (SAT) had to do with race, while in 1994 it was assumed that it was responsible for only a quarter of the difference in score. Geiser thus shows that race is the most important predictor of academic success, more important than socio-economic status and the educational level of the parents. **


* Jordan B Peterson - The impact of your IQ on job opportunities


* Jared Taylor - Interracial Intelligence Differences


* Nature Genetics - Genes and education level

** University of California - The Growing Correlation Between Intelligence and Race

Amsterdam will discriminate “positively” in order to recruit more non-Western immigrants

Emma Waslander leaves to make way for "colored"
Parool, p. 17, 27/6/2020

Amsterdam stops affirmative action. The preferential policy has had no effect. The number of immigrants in the municipal system is still 'woefully low' (1997)

Appendix: "The eternal discussion with racial deniers"

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