Moria arsonists are welcome in Germany

Don't worry, you'll all be here in a few days. The German government is still getting around it a bit, but in principle everything has long been decided. Below you will find the necessary information about what awaits you in Germany.

You do not need a passport to enter Germany, but you already know that. You do not need a real name, you can just come up with a whole new name, the German government does not care. You don't even have to provide a real date of birth upon entering Germany, you can just make yourself a few years younger.

This will bring you a whole host of benefits, as you will certainly be informed soon. You can tell all kinds of other lies too.

You could even be murderers or thieves, or you were executioners under the Islamic State and pulled out people's fingernails with pliers, hammered them into their skulls or raped women to death, none of that matters to the German government.




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