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BRAVO! Greek farmers and citizens are going to STOP migrants!

Bravo Greek citizens and farmers!

While the Greek border guards bravely stand against evil men from the Middle East "Allah Akbar" the Greek farmers come to the rescue to stop the invasion.

But also brave citizens stop the migrants themselves !! 


Thousands of migrants have already been stopped and thousands of others have returned disappointed to their camping spot, but the border is still under pressure from young male stone throwers and hate men.

These people want to travel to the Netherlands:


Left-wing journalists are present to photograph the few children and mothers, among the mostly male folk, for pathetic heartbreaking front page photos: “Oh gosh, how sad. Open the border anyway ”

Photos from 2015 are also used.

To use photos from 2015:

But one can no longer really care about reality

4Chan thread about the farmers' uprising

More about Greece now:

Erdogan: “Millions of migrants are pouring into Europe. I'm not stopping them! ”

Extreme left-wing journalist is beating Lesbos

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