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Stand up for Lange Frans!

All mainstream media is against rapper and vlogger Lange Frans, the only known Dutch person who brings ritual abuse to light in his podcast. Is put away with his own tax money as conspiracy crazy and psychologically confused, by state rat and public enemy Arjen Lubach.

This pre-spun D66 pull doll that sounds like an adolescent girl who has been sucking too much helium found it necessary to burn Lange Frans to the ground in his program. As a result, YouTube has removed LF's channel.

Whatever you may think of Frans' opinion, it is North Korean situations when people with a dissenting opinion are flared by STAATSomroep!

As a rapper and self-employed person, Lange Frans has most likely spiced up the treasury for years. Now a soulless presenter blocks a large part of his income with his paid tax money!

When Janet Ossenbaard was a guest, there was speculation about an attack on Mark Rutte, if the things that Janet accuses Mark of are true, no one would shed a tear if this actually happened!

But for the left side of the Netherlands it is again cryie cryie. Have we all forgotten the climate that was cultivated by the establishment against Pim Fortuyn? Which resulted in his death… ..

The public broadcaster is not averse to destroying individuals and companies with their own tax money. Recently this happened with Rumag. But in the more distant past, they destroyed a successful soft drink manufacturer, because the bottles would supposedly burst on their own. In 1969 the first consumer program was broadcast on Dutch television at the VARA. Presenter Marcel van Dam stood up for consumers. When he heard that several people had been injured by shrapnel from exploding bottles, he went to investigate. On October 30, 1970, an episode aired on TV. On December 11, 1970 and later on January 8, 1971, the story continued. In the January 8, 1971 episode, a bottle was seen to explode.

The VARA had asked TNO to put a bullet through a sherry bottle. This was clearly visible in slowed down speed. Within a year, Exota sales fell by 57%.

And this was also dismissed as a conspiracy theory at the time!

Coming back to the Helium-eating state rat, his boss is Irene van den Brekel and she is Ollengren's wife, we also know where that demonizing sound towards other thinkers comes from!

Greeting Brother Bob

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