Breaking news from Peru: The new President

I had already written that the mainstream media had declared Keiko Fujimori the winner of the presidential election and that I had my doubts about that.

About 99.8% of the votes have now been counted and Pedro Castillo has a lead of 0,2%.

It is neck and neck, but mathematically speaking it is actually impossible that Pedro can still lose the election.



Pedro Castillo: 50.206%

Keiko Fujimori: 49.794%

You read it first on CommonSenseTV: Pedro Castillo is the new president of Peru.


Whether this is good news remains to be seen. The last 8 presidents of Peru are all in jail or under investigation. Pedro is distrusted because of his socialist/communist ideas. Many Peruvians fear a Venezuela scenario.

But everything better than Keiko. Corruption, which was already rampant in Peru, would derail completely under Keiko's leadership. Many Peruvians in positions of authority are in very close shoes now that Keiko does not become the winner. Pedro has already announced that he will punish corruption harshly. I think many corrupt Peruvians are seriously considering leaving the country.



The owner of two authoritative television stations, America TV y Canal N, was a fervent supporter of Keiko. He has always instructed his employees to always report pro-Keiko in all news services. The employees of his television stations filed a collective resignation last night for fear of the reprisals.


It is to be hoped for the Peruvians that there will finally be a president who will do something good for the country and its inhabitants. You should know that all known mineral resources that exist are present in Perú. The largest copper stock in the world. That Perú has the most fish-rich waters off the 3.000 kilometers coast along the Pacific Ocean. Peru has oil and gas. Peru has a very large part of the Amazon forest.

Perú could be the richest country in the world….. But yes, corruption of politicians has always managed to stop this, everything disappeared into the pockets of corrupt politicians and captains of industry and to date Perú balances on the edge of a 2nd and 3rd world country.


If you want to know more about Perú, read the article I wrote last year with my good friend and Peru expert Edgar van de Zilver:

Another Coup in Peru! And here too the “new normal” manifests itself


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