Breeding fur animals and the PCR test

Breed fur animals

We find that unethical in the Netherlands. Fur farms have to go! I personally have no opinion on that. I don't wear a fur coat and neither does my wife. But I certainly don't feel the need to verbally or physically attack someone who does wear a fur coat. And not to bother fur breeders either. But anyway, the fur farms have to go. Despite many violent attempts, from so-called cruelty-free terrorists, in order to harass the fur keepers, the fur keepers have continued to run their businesses. But anyway, they have to go ... So that was decided by the cabinet in 2013. But yes, you will only be an entrepreneur and breed fur animals. You have invested heavily in that and you have to earn your living with it. That is why it was decided at the time that the companies may continue to exist until 2024. After that it should be over for good. The entrepreneurs are compensated by the government for the damage suffered. As a macro-economist I do have an opinion on that. It is ridiculous that a government pays entrepreneurs not to do business. But yes, they do do crazier things. The Netherlands and Denmark are among the top in terms of volume and quality in terms of the production of mink skins. Chicken farms and chicken slaughterhouses are often also located around fur farms. And that is handy, because the minks are (partly) fed with offal from chickens. In this way, one sector complements another nicely. That is economics. We need that. We all live off that. Fur coats are in great demand in Asia, especially China and Russia. And the Russians and the Chinese have of course not escaped notice what was happening politically here with the fur industry. They have already taken advantage of this in recent years by setting up large-scale mink farms. This is also the case in Eastern Europe. As with so many stupid (environmental) government measures, the only result is that the 'problem' simply moves to another location… It's just like chicken eggs. Most eggs consumed in the Netherlands still come from battery cages. Imported from countries where there are no regulations for this. And there are countless examples. (see also the column: 'Their show must go on')
  Mink with Corona. At two mink farms, a number of critters were found to have stomach and intestinal complaints. Subsequently, the famous PCR test was performed on these creatures. What can you not use this wonderful cotton swab test for? (Must be a very small cotton swab by the way because those bugs only have very small nostrils) And yes! Positive! I already had in my column 'Collateral Dammage ' written that the Prime Minister of Tanzania had tested positive for a goat and a mango and a Walloon doctor had even tested positive for unused test sticks. (for link: see below) And recently popped up there is a PCR test test from a Polish ambulance driver. It showed that the contents of his apple juice bottle were contaminated with Corona. You can draw your own conclusion whether the 'contaminated' minks pose a Corona hazard to humans. But if that were really the case, it would apply to more animals. Also for your dog and cat. Also for the cows and the horses. Also for the birds and the fish? Perhaps it would be better to get rid of all the animals in the world? Ministers De Jonge and Schouten now see their chance: We can already kill all minks. Get rid of all those bugs and get rid of those farmers. Don't wait until 2024. Strike now! Because of Corona, because of your health. Although the national government has also stated that there is no danger to public health with regard to the 'infected' mink. As always: nice flips and lying and cheating.     You see, ladies and gentlemen, how dangerous and contagious this is to humans. All precautions have been taken to get this dangerous job done.   And the damage: It now costs the taxpayer at least 182 million euros and the economy has also been destroyed a bit further. The Danish government had also decided that all mink farms should be culled. But in parliament (they still have that there) it turned out that there was not enough support for this. The government had already started the clearing process and has now apologized for it. (3 minute and 40 seconds) Anyway: In China and in Poland they laugh at themselves.  
Column - Collateral Damage

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