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Britons choose Brexit again - The revolution in Europe continues!

Hoera! The Conservatives of Boris Johnson have achieved a glorious victory during the elections in Great Britain. 

The exit poll indicates that the conservatives have obtained 368 seats. That is over 50 more than in the previous elections. The Labor party van Corbijn only had 191 seats.

This brings the Boris Johnson party to one absolute majority.

























UPDATE Friday 12:30: This is the official result




















Great Britain can finally leave the European Union next month.

A slap in the face for the globalists in the European Union. We would have loved to see the faces of that "people" as Frans Timmermans, Angela Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen and Guy Verhofstadt then it bad news came in.

Mark Rutte is also going to have a harder time as a puppet. In the European Union, globalists will demand even more commitment from him, while in the Netherlands he will have to play nice weather. Here is a nice example of how Mark tackles this. He almost got away with it because the media did not broadcast this but we are for it. Subtitled and we see here how Mark Rutte betrays the Netherlands.

In this video, the half-drunk Europhiles still mock the British and people knew for sure. That Brexit will not happen or we will continue to stretch it for years to come.

But unfortunately. That will not be pouring 100 wines back for the globalists in the EU.

Now that Britain is out, the European Union is going to have a very difficult time.

The conservative common sense parties are strongly emerging in Europe. People's eyes open in almost all European countries.

In Finland, for example, the True Finns party is virtually the largest. Also in Sweden are the Swedish Democrats at the top with around 25% of the votes.
True Finns largest party in Finland
Swedish Democrats with 24% the largest party in Sweden virtually

LePen misses Macron in the polls in France and also in Germany are the Alternatives for Germany busy with a great advance. The AfD won 3 state elections in succession with more than double digits.
AfD won the elections in a historic way in Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saxony

The Czech Republic has woken up and together with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland they form the Visegrad Group. The 4 countries that virtually no longer allow non-Western migrants. This against the will of the European Union.
More hope for Europe again - the Czech Republic is also awake

Italy is by no means rid of Salvini. After he was put aside in a devious manner, the people revolted.

In the Umria region, which is normally a left-wing stronghold, a substantial victory was achieved. The questions immediately concern how long the national government in Rome will last.
Salvini wins Umbria in Italy's left-most stronghold

They had 2 elections this year in Spain. In May and in November. Around this time last year, no one from the party had heard VOX. In May they won 2.7 million votes. Half a year later 3.6 million. Almost a million votes in less than half a year.

Vox wants to build a wall between Spain and Morocco.

Denmark is closing its borders with Sweden.

And in the Netherlands? ... Something is coming… We all feel that.

Wednesday December 18 is the day of the Netherlands!

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