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British MPs fall asleep during SUPER SATURDAY

British MPs fall asleep during SUPER SATURDAY


Saturday was the first time in 37 years that the members of the House of Commons gathered in the Lower House for an emergency meeting.

It was complicated and fun for the enthusiasts, but nerve-racking for the British. The MPs themselves fell asleep during 'the endless prayer':


Pro-Brexit Member of Parliament Jacob Rees Mogg had taken his 12-year-old son to the historic voting day at the Lower House. Outside they were attacked by anti-Brexit activists. The activists cursed Mogg and his son 'traitors' and 'nazis':

A vote on an amendment followed after the debate.

The LETWIN amendment receives support from 322 members of the Lower House. 306 MPs voted against the amendment.

The Letwin amendment states that Parliament may only give its final approval to Boris's Brexit deal once the additional Brexit legislation has been approved by Parliament.

Super Saturday was the deadline for Boris Johnson to get parliamentary approval from Parliament for one Brexit deal or a NO Deal. Otherwise, he must request a postponement of the Brexit deadline from the EU. Such a postponement also requires the consent of all EU member states.

Boris refuses to send a letter to the EU asking for a postponement for a Brexit. Even though MPs have voted that he should.

BoJo does not want to negotiate a Brexit with the EU and the law does not oblige him to do so. He also thinks delay is bad for democracy and bad for the country.

Oliver Letwin says that the amendment he has written is intended as insurance to prevent a Brexit without a deal should it go wrong when implementing the agreement with the EU.

Others simply call it sabotage.

Proponents of the Letwin amendment think that a Brexit will still be possible on 31 October if the corresponding legislation is implemented by the British Parliament on time.

Because of Letwin, Super Saturday ended for BoJo as wet-rain fireworks. But Super Saturday can become Super Tuesday. The meeting will resume on Tuesday at the Lower House.

Photo: Oliver Letwin

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