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Builders, farmers and the transport sector are going to take action!

“It's all or nothing! The sweeteners are over! ”

Builders, farmers and the transport sector are going to take tough action against this crazy cabinet. 

See here the press release Transport in Motion:
Facebook Transport in Motion










This is the press release from Bouw in Verzet.

Facebook Construction in Resistance




















Bouw in Verzet and Farmers Defense Force work together on tough action. And now also the Transport in Resistance!

According to Bouw in Verzet, this cabinet offers little relief and a large-scale campaign must be launched.

“It's all or nothing! The sweeteners are over! ”

“An action of this size is not child's play and requires some time and attention. We are not going to set up a gooey campaign with minimal turnout, so trust us! ”

The farmers are also making themselves heard and something very big is coming. After the images of yesterday, in which we saw Mark Rutte emerge in Madrid as a left-wing climate man and traitor to the Dutch people, we see even more that we have nothing to expect from this cabinet and that this bitter necessity.

Mark Rutte betrays the Netherlands!

We at CommonSenseTV support the builders, the farmers and the Transport sector!

It should be a collaboration between Farmers, Builders, Transport and the rest of the Netherlands who are SPUUGZAT this policy and this madness.

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