Café Weltschmerz banned from YouTube for 1 week

Café Weltschmerz also on edge at YouTube 

For the time being, posting is prohibited for a week. The people of Café Weltschmerz cannot communicate this via YouTube because they also close the possibility to communicate with the supporters through the Community.

We have been asked to post this video and we will of course respond to this. These kinds of channels must remain. (we have taken over the description under the video literally):


Café Weltschmerz is under threat.

Support us in our fight with the media on: Café Weltschmerz runs entirely on volunteers.

People who are ready every day in the fight for a fairer Netherlands - and that is why we can use your support. With your contribution we can continue to spread our message.

We wish Café Weltschmerz the best of luck and we hope they can stay and not be removed like CommonSenseTV and everyone else you know.

Whatever happens, we NEVER let ourselves be silenced.

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