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Frans Timmermans - 2 tasks for the destruction of Europe

Ohoh .. CommonSense .. Do you call Frans Timmermans a psychopath?

Yes. Let them get angry. The times when we called these dangerous people confused men are over.

If you know what French has in store for Europe, then you can conclude that this person does not feel compassion or empathy for his fellow citizens in Europe

This man has 2 tasks for a number of goals from globalists and the European Union:

Task 1.
Helping Europe to the brink by having absurd, irrational and pointless climate plans implemented. This is in favor of a federal Europe with a centralized power in Brussels and full control over the citizens. It has nothing to do with well-being or safety and even less will it have some serious influence.

Plans against one "Climate problem" of which the rest of the world has long since woken up and no longer believes anything of it. And these numbers are growing. No one denies that the climate is changing but understands that these measures are insane.

Source figures believe in climate hysteria:
Source of Timmermans ignorance about the climate:
Timmermans talked by climate scientists

Task 2
Traveling through Europe to compensate (bribe) (left-wing) mayors of the major European cities to include migrants in their cities

This works by maintaining flawlessly through close ties with "people" as George Soros.

Frans Timmermans is deliberately busy importing a major and dangerous problem for European citizens. Doing this on a large scale, while the hard figures show the sad consequences of mass immigration killing European citizens, is a crime.

Soros and Timmermans are persevering

Dangerous Carpenters during hearing

Timmermans - Population in full gang

The ultimate goal is a Europe without borders and a conversion of the European population into a “Co2 free” Europe.

This end goal cannot be denied. It is their open pursuit.

Anyone who thinks these people are attracting the welfare of poor migrants and the end of the world is wrong.

Make no mistake about people like this!

And, oh yes ... Islam belongs to Europe:


Gone are the days when we called this “confused men”. The truth is needed! Otherwise it is really too late.

This message was for some leftist Danish climate institute and we know the Timmermans tune.


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