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Call for cooperation!

Finally he is there, the petition: “No compulsory Covid-19 vaccination”!

It took a while, but finally it has become active, come people take advantage of this opportunity to make your voice heard and fill in this petition, join to stop this madness!

Then I will immediately move on to the following, a group of people have planned to actively fight against this government, the EU, the WHO, the RIVM, the NWO, but also what they call controlled opposition and precisely that last but I put very big questions about that!

Virus madness already has many followers, wants to shake up the population with peaceful protests and force our governments to take a different course from what we now know.

In itself that all sounds very nice and promising, were it not that what they mean by controlled opposition Virus insanity, the FvD and PVV count and come with rather bold statements, which I simply detest.

They want to enter politics with the party name: “de Gulden Middenweg”, come up with unfounded statements and statements, something that we should not have at all, under the names: Het Tilting Point and Wees de Resistance they are now dumping numerous videos, where I would rather distance myself from it, because it is a lot of screaming, so much hair and little wool!


So I personally have no objection to these people wanting to set up their own political party, to fight against the NWO and to now come out with videos and draw attention, which I strongly object to doing this, at the expense of Virus Madness, the PVV and the FvD, the FvD was even mentioned by Wouter Raatgever in a reaction: FvD = Mossad, something I call low grade!
Right now, while the noses should all point one way, they are sowing discord, something only losers have.

This is the big problem facing the right, the inability to unite and cooperate, history repeats itself again!

A Micha Kat who has never progressed beyond suspicions and has no thorough evidence of anything, literally manifests here in his shirt with vagaries we should be far from, I agree that there is a need here to change, but step by step and not everything at the same time, that will never work and if you also place the people with good intentions under controlled opposition, well then I am quickly finished with that, because in fragmentation I see completely nothing and profiling yourself at the expense of others is pure parasitism where you can't get any further!

Virus madness is very focused, wants to get as many people as possible behind them, whether the people are left or right is not the issue, but precisely by removing the division with peaceful protests, people come together, that is why our globalist policy that's so scared, that's why Black Lives Matter was allowed to protest undisturbed on June 20, but Virus Madness was banned on June 21 in the same location, so our government is afraid of unity among the population, which is why it was cracked down .
We can win this battle, but not when people start to divide, while they themselves can do their own thing.

I am not writing this column to make fun of the Tipping Point or Be the Resistance, but because there is no place for egos that go mad, they ruin more than they do well, a new political party is in The whole thing is not desirable, that if they come into the room, that would be the fourteenth or fifteenth political party, so even more fragmentation than what is already there!
We are not waiting for a mutual dispute to arise, for a civil war to arise, Be the Resistance given me ample space, but stop this nonsensical slander, with cooperation you will get much further than working against each other!

And really on even more conspiracy, such as that Willem Engel is a rasta who hates whites, who dances because of tribal urges and Ethiopians of which Tedros is also glorified, I assume no one is waiting for, yes these are foolish assumptions for me anyway clearly a bridge too far, then you are far from reality, you do not hit a dent in a packet of butter, you only do the necessary damage to something beautiful that is being created by the population, with that you stab a stick in the wheels of good development.

That while Virus madness does not get in their way, to be able to achieve results themselves.

I hope that this column makes these people think and that they can step over their egos, support this bombing against people who have taken up the fight for true democracy and freedom again and choose their own path.
In the necessary reactions, all the necessary people let all their dissatisfaction about this and I really would like to see people like a Joris Demmink condemned, but we can't break an iron with our hands, so Tipping point a clean task awaits you, but stop this smear, because it is of no use to anyone, neither of you!

Chris Collard!

Again the petition:

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