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Call to cancel the Social Contract!

Call to cancel the Social Contract! Our civil rights are untouchable! The emergency law is unacceptable!

Sven Hulleman, Rypke Zeilmaker, former soldiers, Norbert Pols and Jeroen Pols and now also CommonSenseTV are calling for ACTION!
We claim our sovereignty and stop ANY cooperation if it is pushed through!

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Social contract
The social contract is about when the regime, the power, is legitimate. This is determined, as it were, in a kind of agreement that the individuals of a society have concluded with each other, in which it is agreed who has the power and what that entails.

Hobbes (1588-1679) Thomas_Hobbes_ (portrait)
Thomas Hobbes assumes that people are selfish by nature. Because of this, there is constant conflict and constant competition. Everyone has a natural right to everything, even the bodies of others. To maintain order and peace, it takes one absolute ruler, who subjects everyone to fear and thus forces people to peace. The main driver of this social contract is fear.

JohnLockeLocke (1632-1704)
According to John Locke, humans are not selfish by nature, but everyone has a duty to preserve themselves and others. In the social contract it has been agreed, as it were, that society will establish a court to monitor this 'natural state'.

Rousseau (1712-1778)
220px-Jean-Jacques_Rousseau_ (painted_portrait) Rousseau wondered why people are different from each other. According to him man is good by nature and originally lived alone. At a certain point we started living in groups and a new natural state emerged: personal dependence. Emotions such as jealousy, greed and economic inequality were created. Because the law of the fittest applies, complete freedom is in fact a threat to individual security. The individual and his place in the community are central to the social contract: people are willing to give up some of their individual freedom in exchange for greater security. In a public assembly, everyone who joins the assembly must represent the general interest.

John Rawls (1921-2002) john-rawls-by-victor066
John Rawls is not about political power, but about a fair distribution of the benefits and burdens. The question is how to make the most of the least fortunate. To answer the question of how best to organize society, people should make a choice from a position in which you do not know who you are and what your chances are in society ('veil of ignorance'). If you don't know where and how you will end up in the world, what choice will you make?

Tilasmi Frigge of De Ommekeer, the People's Tribunal on the basis of Human Rights and st. Local Money.


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Call for Civil Disobedience

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