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Call to become self-sufficient

Call to become self-sufficient

Last week, when I was pressed hard at the facts again, because I watched a video that “Your best friend watches with you on YouTube”, so this video:

I just got sick of Rudy Bouma, who placed a fellow columnist Marcel van Tol, much appreciated by me, in a certain dark light through Nieuwsuur NPO / NOS / NTR and (see from minute five point eight) can do that with impunity, without any form of adversarial or rebuttal!

It therefore indicates to what a low point our media, politics and judicial process have fallen, for whom Marcel van Tol will have followed somewhat, I want to say that when this medical examiner, this Public Prosecution Service and all those other employees of these lies against the wall I will not shed a tear, because this deception must stop!

So people like Rudy Bouma will just about seem, I would greatly applaud it if Marcel van Tol would release this to Ongehoord Nederland, because he will undoubtedly not be the only one, where there was tampering to boost the list of corona deaths , extra income?

I saw this video and not much later I had contact with Danny, who was just as outraged as I was, because if you as a son are put aside for a lie like that, then as a journalist you are engaged in sewer journalism, then you serve society no more, but then you only serve the interests of pharmacists and doctors.

Who knows his own father better than Marcel himself, that a medical doctor with such a history of heart failure casually makes a corona victim of it, makes up that this man has been ill for four days and then has the guts to kick this through for his own gain, is something to think about.

How corrupt the Public Prosecution Service turns out to be, can be inferred from the fact that GP van Rijn is left untouched, this doctor must appear before a disciplinary committee, but since the lie reigns in the Netherlands, this obviously does not happen!

It is depressing, fortunately I have an outlet that keeps me going a bit, because I have a huge passion for animals and plants, an agricultural background and seeing what disaster this EU has already brought ,. I advise everyone to become self-sufficient.

At work I took an allotment, where I can put a lot of energy into it, I planted potatoes (rosevals) in the cold tray, leeks, onions, lettuce, endive, chard and many other crops, which I have now planted , because I expect from this despicable outgoing cabinet an enormous shortage and unaffordable products in the supermarket.

It is all still very early, but food is one of the basic products for our existence, my idea is to start preserving in jars, so that if scarcity strikes, I and my closest people can fall back on a buffer of food!

You may wonder why not freezing, well we see all the stupidities regarding our natural gas, it would not surprise me anymore, if we no longer even have a normal power supply thanks to those pudding guns in The Hague, then a normal freezer will not work more.

DVegetables that have been checked, which only need a dark, cool space, are then ideal, we will soon slide into an unprecedented crisis, where we have to take unforeseen circumstances into account, take advantage of this and stock up on the necessary canned vegetables and other products with a longer shelf life , don't let yourself be unpleasantly surprised.

The bill of ten years of Rutte and his mismanagement will soon emerge like a jackass from the box, or do you still believe that we have been able to lock this country for a long time without a trace, we will really get that bill, that's the way politics works nowadays, something like that is called passing off!

Look! That's how it all started, the necessary sowing in a cold container, I want to tell a lot about this, because we are completely dependent on ourselves, by a puppet state called the Netherlands.

Self-reliance will soon be the new creed, if soon those crazy people who still dared to call themselves representatives of the people end up in front of a firing squad, then it is hoped that many Dutch people have cured before it started to rain.   

To be continued, Chris Collard.

PS I have a huge respect for Marcel van Tol and Danny, who so expose the massive fraud of corona!

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