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Call to the Police of the Netherlands

Spread the freedom!

Most Dutch people have always considered the police of paramount importance.

They believe that the police should and should be able to act where necessary and that Dutch citizens want the government to invest in the police and not to cut costs.

A good relationship between the citizens and the police generates mutual respect. The average citizen jumps into the breach for the police so that they can perform their work better.

Apart from what one thinks of the corona measures, the whole of the Netherlands will agree that THIS CANNOT!

This is just one example of a loss of public confidence in the police. Unfortunately, this happens (much) more often.

We understand that it can be difficult when one is suddenly put in a position where you are given the right to control an entire society every step of the way. So nothing human is strange to us, even with the police.

We also understand how ridiculous many think these measures are that the police must do their job.

But please don't turn against the citizens. This is going to backfire, it will provoke violence, and after this so-called crisis, you will be seen as people who were not on the right side of history.

Do not abuse the dominant position you are assigned!

Robert Jensen expressed that feeling of the citizens well in his show.

Come out when you notice something is off the hook. Don't turn us over to politics. The task of the police is to protect the citizens. Your family. Our families. Show a conscience. We want proud police officers. Not a mistake.

Spread the freedom!

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