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Call to the police (from a former forensic doctor)

Calling the police!


The Dutch police have their hearts in the right place. I should know because I worked for 10 years as a forensic doctor for the police in the Den Bosch and Arnhem regions.

No bad word about our police. When my kids were indoctrinated at school that our police are racists (1) I was furious. In response, I wrote an indignant letter to the principal of my children's school.

The police are there to protect society and the people and I see being a police officer as an honorable job. If my kids want to become a cop later, I'll be proud of them. (unfortunately I failed the fitness test myself)

Yet now a point of criticism of the police. We are of course talking about the Romeos.

In the media, the protesters are portrayed as conspiracies and rioters. Usually only the most unworldly birds are portrayed by the NOS, suggesting that the entire group consists of unworldly types and rioters. This is the well-known framing, now the trademark of the media and the NOS.

In reality, this demonstrating group consists of mostly peace-loving and often well-read people. (2) These people demonstrate for the freedom of the Netherlands, the future of my, and your children. In the meantime, unfortunately, some rioters have joined, that is what bore is doing.

The usefulness of lockdowns is controversial, and I would say softly. Nobody can deny with common sense that the measures are worse than the disease. Anyone who lists all the pros and cons and is still able to support the measures is still in fear, unjustified fear. After all, one must be able to stretch all logic to Olympic proportions in order to still be behind curfew. I therefore fully endorse the intentions of the protesters and believe that they have the right to draw attention to this and to reclaim their freedom.

Everyone knows by now that the demonstrations from the police are incited by undercover agents, Romeos in the vernacular. The films are now widely circulating on social media and a beautiful collage can be found on this website. Because of these Romeos, the situation escalates even more and innocent people also become victims. A colleague of mine, I do not know him any other way as a good-natured boob, is now sitting at home incapacitated for work with bruises from rubber sticks.

My request is to address the Romeos among the police about their behavior. If you dare to be undercover with a drug gang, that's pretty cool. However, when Romeo riot between a group of calm protesters is cowardly, in fact a form of treason. Do you think that will win the love of the people? Do you think that you will be treated with respect at the next demonstration? The likelihood of anger and escalation only increases.

My suspicion is that that is exactly what the government wants, escalation, so that even more measures and even tougher action are justified.

As a police you want to be hated by the criminals but loved by the people? Do you also want to be pelted by snowballs when you walk down the street? (3) Would you like to be looked at with the neck at birthdays or your children's sports club? My request is therefore to consider such actions or to enter into discussions with colleagues.

If there are police chiefs who want to hear a critical sound from a former police doctor; feel free to get in touch. (4) I will be delighted to walk into a police station again and, while enjoying a cup of coffee, will reveal to you a physician's critical view of lockdowns and curfews. Then you may also understand the protesters a bit more and it becomes clear that this people is not your enemy.

You should also be aware that more than 100 billion euros has now been spent on the lockdowns. Either more than € 6000 per person, babies and the elderly included. Who do you think they will collect that from? With the bankers? With the catering industry, the shopkeepers and the artists who are bankrupt? Or with the police officers and the nurses? So please think carefully for yourself with whom you place your allegiance, the people or the government who direct you to stock up on your fellow countrymen who are fighting for your freedom. The longer the lockdowns last, the lower your salary will be.


Koert van Rijn, former Forensic Doctor






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