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Can I have an injection, Hugo?

Hey, Hugo, can I have a shot of yours personally? Would you like the first injection in the Netherlands? A syringe with which you are guaranteed to make it to the world press? I give you that guarantee over and over.

There are a few conditions to that first injection.
It must take place at the Binnenhof in the presence of the entire government and parliament. They must be present because they have been instrumental in the creation of the New Normal. And that should be celebrated appropriately with the First Syringe, right?

The entire journal must also be present in order to be able to show that first injection widely reported live via all TV channels of the state-minded press to all your followers, Hugo.

The presence of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander is required. He called for freedom and defense of civil rights and democracy on May 4 last on Dam Square in Amsterdam. He will witness the freedom I regained after receiving that injection that you are about to give me, Hugo.

Messrs Willem Engel and Jeroen Pols of Viruswaarheid must also be present. The founders of Vrij en Sociale Nederland, Mr. Filippini and his colleagues and members of the independent press including Jensen, Café Weltschmerz and And finally all their counterparts from neighboring countries so that they can report through their channels of this memorable event at the Binnenhof.

And why do I want that First Injection, Hugo? Let me explain, Hugo.

Hugo de Jonge - Never forget this face


In the past few months my life has been systematically, thoroughly and irreparably destroyed.

The confidence that I had in humanity, or what else wishes to pass for it, is final and forever destroyed. In recent months, my elderly parents, parents-in-law and aunts have been terrorized by the state and by upstart potentials who call themselves "health care professionals" and work in what used to be known as retirement and nursing homes or home care. My company has been ruined and given the measures there will never be another dry living for me. The promised state aid turned out, how could it be otherwise, a stillborn child.

Those who disagree with you are marginalized, censored, the protest made impossible, unceremoniously beaten and arrested, prosecuted and convicted by your personal Corona Sicherheitsdienst, Hugo. Exit rule of law and democracy, or whatever was left of it.

Social and family contacts have been torn, decimated because 90% of the brainwashed, terrorized population is too scared, too anxious to maintain normal contact or even shake hands.

When you simply have hay fever, the gullible, sheepish followers of your doctrine look at you as if you are a devil with the acute intention of running wild.

All outdoor activities are gone to hell; all association activities, visits to theater, attending sports matches, visit to the nursing home where my (in-law) parents languish, eating in restaurants, simply shopping, a birthday party with friends, weddings, funerals, every, literally every social context is drenched, poisoned by your fascist rules, Hugo.

I'm still walking around and still breathing but my life is broken and I don't want to live in your country, Hugo. And that's why, Hugo, I want the first shot. That will set me free again. Completely free. The naive, indoctrinated people harbor the misconception that that syringe you have in mind for them, Hugo, will set them free again. Of course that is not going to happen. The taste of power is too sweet for you, Hugo. Nevertheless, I still want to be the first to have an injection.

Finally, one last condition, Hugo. This condition is that the syringe does not contain the Holy Vaccine but cyanide. A photo taken in Saigon on June 11, 1963 was named World Press Photo of the year. Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức set himself on fire in protest against the Vietnamese regime.

Like this Man, I too wish to die in protest against your regime, Hugo. I would like that injection of yours, Hugo, yours personally. At the Binnenhof. And then you can look me in the eye while doing that. Because, Hugo, I'd rather die upright than have to live on my knees in your fascist dictatorship, the State of the DDR Netherlands.

With this syringe, Hugo, you go into history books.

The very first politician who does not give his regime hands and feet through his henchmen, but has the courage to do so en plein publique himself. That will also be a first, Hugo.

But I know one thing for sure, Hugo, none of this is going to happen for one simple reason. You think, Hugo, that your words are actions. They are not, they are just words. You need your hand bearings for that. You don't have the balls for action, Hugo. You're too cowardly to act. Not me. I am prepared to die for the Netherlands and the liberation of your dictatorship, Hugo. But you, Hugo, you don't have the courage to look me in the eye as you empty the cyanide syringe into my arm.

Karel Nuks

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