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Can a layperson also think?

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Can a layperson also think?

Every now and then I am accused of not being a doctor, virologist or scientist. And that accusation is justified.

But how is it possible that large groups of those 'real' experts in all countries rely blindly on the results of the PCR tests. Blind is very appropriate here, because even the inventor Kary Mullis explains that someone who tests positive for a virus does not have to be sick and/or contagious. Salient detail: the test was already there before Covid-19 broke out.
It is known that athletes test positive and a few days later, just before an important match, could suddenly enter the battle negative.

Internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist Professor Peter McCullough said: “The coronavirus vaccination program should have been shut down in February. Normally, a drug is withdrawn from the market after about 50 unexplained deaths. More than 12.000 deaths from corona vaccination have now been registered in the United States," he explained.

dr. McCullough also said that 86 percent of those deaths could be directly linked to the vaccine. According to him, the fact that 12.000 people have already died is completely unacceptable. “The [vaccine] will go down in history as the most dangerous biological medical product in human history.” Did he not mention a much larger number of just not fatal side effects.

Other scientists warn that the corona jab can also lead to all kinds of other neurological disorders. Immunologist J. Bart Classen published a paper in February explaining how mRNA vaccines can cause prion diseases and other chronic conditions. Such diseases include Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS. In prion diseases, protein formation proceeds abnormally.

Everyone should know that a new 'drug' can easily take between 3 and 5 years to be developed. This is almost always followed by a period of approximately 8 years to demonstrate through tests that it is safe and effective in the short term, but also in the long term. Please note: always more than 10 years before it could be allowed on the market.

If we look at Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen, it appears that all 4, independently of each other, brought a 'properly working' vaccine onto the market in three quarters of a year. Four vaccines, two of which, according to other scientists, should not be called a vaccine, but each would be a hidden gene therapy. These are the 2 that work with mRNA in the syringe. Nanoparticles are also frequently referred to as 'added value'.

Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge initially swore that group immunity would be the solution, but later came up with all kinds of scientifically unproven measures to be able to defeat the killer virus. The antivaxers were herded into the wappie corner. They were accused of, among other things, ensuring that the most severe measures were necessary thanks to their refusal and thus causing a dichotomy.

I read in the Volkskrant, which calls itself a quality newspaper, that virologists are sounding the alarm: “The Delta variant spreads through vaccinated people.” The once so wrong Telegraaf now truthfully reports that half of the positive tests come from vaccinated people. You will have been sprayed and for the above facts still have to keep caps (not proven effective, even with inferior qualities bad for your own health) and 1,5 m away. And of course constantly tested.

If we look at Urk (always a stronghold of civil disobedience) it turns out that they hardly use virus contraceptives, while the number of covids there is minimal.
The AD reports on the front page: 'Experts warn that solidarity will come under pressure.' Should you have a syringe administered poison out of solidarity? The world seems upside down to me. The experts wondered in the AD whether vaccinated people want to adhere to the 'old' rules that also apply to them. You will only be vaccinated to regain your freedoms.
Then another incendiary announcement: 'Suppose your surgery has to be postponed because someone who has not been vaccinated occupies a corona bed.' Does that also apply to a smoker, skier, football player, deep-sea diver or paratroopers?

Airline companies are debating whether they can transport vaccinated people responsibly, because it appears that they are particularly sensitive to blood clots, resulting in thrombosis, for example. Unvaccinated people can fly risk-free with extremely minimal chances of thrombosis.

What now appears? People who have had corona 'unnoticed' or slightly or annoyingly build a natural immune system, which even beats the Delta.

But even worse, or more remarkable, is that there has been a drug for years (actually 2) that cures sick covid patients with limited side effects (HCQ somewhat more than Ivermectin). And let them also give the Delta variant a check? Unfortunately, forbidden: market forces to an extreme extent.

PCR test, mouth cap and 1,5 m are not scientifically proven, Ivermectin with an improved immune system afterwards. Only there is nothing to earn from this and is banned by our government on pain of many euros.

Why our government? The same government that first pushed emergency laws through the House, set people against each other and recently promoted covid to the premier league of the most dangerous viruses: the A status. Here too, bypassing the very limited democracy and above all without scientific substantiation. Whether we want to follow this government full of professional idiots slavishly.

How could a layman not be able to think?

Rients Hofstra

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