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Canada: The Fascist Country With Covid Internment Camps

Internment Camps Canada

Welcome to friendly Justin Trudeau's good Canada.

But a holiday to this beautiful country is not recommended.

Friendly Prime Minister Trudeau, who dismissed Corona internment camps as a conspiracy theory a few months ago, has taken a dramatic step towards dangerous authoritarianism in Canada.

The camps, built in plain sight of the whole world, are nothing short of prisons for "infected" persons. In reality people who happen to test positive for a meaningless PCR test.

Let's be clear… this is true of his own people. Business people who travel. Families who go on vacation and come back. If you test positive, you will immediately enter the camp. After 10 days you test again and if you are tested positive again, you can turn out another 14 days. "This is not optional.", said a clear Trudeau.

Completely unsafe. No lock with key on your door and the first horror stories are already rolling out.

This tyranny applies only to his own people. But it does not apply to immigrants. You hear it very well. About 400.000 will be brought in. That is not the fault of the immigrants, that is logical.

Media are silent

If this happens in other countries, and it does, we call those facilities internment camps.

But because it is Canada we speak of hotels.

Trudeau's internment policy has been in effect since last month. Have you ever heard a mainstream media about this?

If a media, from any country in the world, does not report on this, then that media is corrupt and is running a political agenda. Nothing new but confirmed here again. This is world news. This is a crime.

What makes it even more incredible, and thus even more devilish, is that it does not apply to AIDS patients, or cholera or other contagious scary diseases. Not that we want to, but these camps are only for “Corona-contagious”. A virus, formerly the flu, that survives 99.8%.

Before you watch the episode, let's start with this fragment of Justin Trudeau, about 5 months ago:


Watch and listen in amazement to this broadcast by Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson on the corona internment camps in Canada (Dutch subtitles)

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