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In India, from now on, when you are walking on the street, you are suddenly beaten with poles by policemen.

A three-week lockdown went into effect across India on Wednesday, March 25.

The true nature of the power-hungry, legitimate police officers, comes to the fore through the lockdown and they immediately seize their chances of apprehending pedestrians and public shame wherever possible.

Outside of hard strokes, law enforcement forces the Indian population to do squads and push-ups in the middle of the street.

In Jammu, people were forced to kneel for hours after their feet were circled with chalk.

Plainclothes police officers are also hit, even to people who only wanted to go shopping for groceries in Calcutta.

Paramilitaries have been ruling the streets of New Delhi since yesterday. With brutal violence and the distribution of public corporal punishment, they indulge in Indian subjects.

Alok Barman, a cleaner from South Delhi, was blocked by police officers, preventing Barman from going to his cleaning addresses. "I have no money now and we have nothing to eat."said Alok Bartender.

Many people on the corner of their street are ordered to perform ridiculous gymnastics exercises for the entertainment of the police officers.

'To save India, to keep every citizen young and old, you, your family alive ... every street in India, all neighborhoods, all cities and villages will be placed under lockdown' said Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech on TV.

Immediately afterwards, the first videos of police violence appeared on TV and on social media.

Anil Mittal, a spokesman for the police in New Delhi, strongly denies the use of canes or other forms of abuse of power against the population.

A butcher shop in the Zakir Nagar district in the capital of India was beaten short and small by law enforcement officers. The butcher was also molested by the officers who stormed in.

In India, only 600 people have been infected with the Wuhan virus and 16 people have died. However, the entire country, which has a population of 1,3 billion people, placed under a very strict lockdown.


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