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Climate scientists make minced meat from Frans Timmermans

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The climate religious directly call skeptics deniers with the standard remark "and the earth is flat". But skeptics are not deniers. They are scientists who are more interested in this globe than these bag fillers. A lot of money goes into this scam.

Dangerous Frans Timmermans (“Europe must accept diversity or face war”) has now become the climate pope. That he doesn't understand anything about it doesn't really matter. Nobody understands it. The state of the climate is actually completely separate from the climate cam.

Anyone who thinks that anyone is really awake there because of climate change is clearly not awake yet. Frans can now make the turnaround in Europe in climate policy. The Green Deal. Nice jobs can be divided in this climate cam with money and power. Fransie already knew this in 2009 and so he presented himself as an informed climate alarmist. But that didn't go as planned ...

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