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Dangerous Carpenters during Hearing

Frans Timmermans, Von der Leyen's paladin, comes during the EU Commissioner Hearing, with an argument full of untruths and despair. According to media reports is Timmermans succeeded here with flying colors, but they know very well that there is not much time left. People are waking up. Fransie is not so comfortable anymore.

Only the first sentence of this speech is true. Indeed, we have better things to do than listen to a manipulative folk driver.

They don't worry about it 2030 of 2050. These people don't care. For the naive people who think they are doing this for you and our children: these types of people are not awake by the climate. They know that little to nothing can be done about it. People like this don't lie awake with either you or me. A little self-examination and all the puzzle pieces fall together.

They are about power and globalization. A world with open borders where economic fortune seekers are called refugees in order to influence public opinion. This plan of Soros, one of the great friends of this life-threatening Timmermans, must and will come through.

And this plan is under pressure. Great pressure.

Here the hearing:

See here again how Fransie is basketed in 2010:

Here an article about Timmermans and Soros:

Timmermans and Soros

Video of the girlfriend of the VVD, Rutte and Timmermans. This woman has scary plans for Europe.


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