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Is he calling Frans Timmermans a pig?

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Carpenter a pig?

It seems very likely that the new EU president, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, called Frans Timmermans a pig at the beginning of this month.

bastard. That's not how you treat pigs.

On Twitter, Janša said it was "someone" from the EU who is "high in bureaucracy". It was quite clear that he meant Frans Timmermans.

The Green Deal boss Frans Timmermans did not want to be in the group photo with the right-wing prime minister afterwards. (source)

The reason was mainly the fact that Brussels interfered too much with internal affairs in Slovakia. Because one serves the embrace common European values.

This time about corrupt politicians but it has long been a mess between the Eastern European countries and the neo-liberal Western European countries.

The Slovenian Prime Minister believes that smaller countries in the EU are treated as second-rate because of the endless criticism from Brussels. In the minds of Europhiles, corruption politicians only exist in those countries.

“This is not independence”, said Jansa.

“If you judge someone on imaginary European values ​​that everyone else perceives differently and where double standards are used, this is the quickest way to collapse.” said Janša, arguing that “an honest discussion” was necessary in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe to clarify certain concepts.

It will be no coincidence that this happened not long after the row between Brussels and Slovenia over the new anti-LGBTQ law in Victor rban's Hungary. Janša agreed with the prime minister of Hungary.

Immediately afterwards, all Western European leaders pointed the finger at Janša, Orbán and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieck, who did not disapprove of this law.

You are ashamed when you see the card above. As if all inhabitants of the red colored countries agree with the statement that this law is homophobic.

Virtue Mark Rutte also took his moment by boldly calling Hungary homophobic. That feels good, doesn't it?

That while he himself has brought in a record number of people who have a serious problem with gays from countries where the death penalty is imposed if you have a sexual preference for the same sex. But if you say something about that then you are a racist because that is their culture.

Who do these people think they are to meddle in internal Hungarian affairs and laws and point fingers on behalf of an entire country?

Is it really that hard to understand that we don't need LGBTQ education in schools to accept people who are different?
Is it really not true that we don't need BlackLivesMatter to realize that we are all equal people?

We'd rather children learn important knowledge at school than be inundated with gender madness, racism and masturbation.

A little more about that common European values spoken. Take a closer look at the below “Standard for European Education”.

mark rutte embraces this on behalf of the Netherlands, along with all other hypocritical leaders of Western Europe. Early Childhood Masturbation. Children between 0 and 4 learn to jerk off and finger and make them aware of gender insanity. Bah. pigs.

And the list goes on as you can see, let alone if you read the entire horror document.

Source of these education guidelines:

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