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CASHLESS SOCIETY- A society without paper money

I know, we do almost all of it, very easy to use the debit card.

It does not seem to be a problem, why pay with cash when you can also use the debit card ?!
Have you just lost? Then your money is still in the bank. Not a big wallet in your pocket.
After all, the pass fits in almost everywhere. No hassle with counting money.

Why still pay with cash, there are so many advantages to pins ?!

But nothing is less true!!

Many people don't think about it or realize what happens when we run out of cash or are unable to spend it. Put hard: what if the cash disappears?

Imagine… all that cash at once away no more coins and bills.
What will the consequences be?

For starters: every time you make a transaction, no matter what one, it will be taxed.

The VAT and some other taxes are likely to go away and a fee / tax will be levied on each transaction instead. The bank / government then by definition becomes one intermediary between you and the recipient, for whatever payment.

So if you want to give someone money for a small service, birthday or cozy one little pot Cards for some change what was previously possible is now a thing of the past!

All expenses are monitored. This is the real danger.


The data collected by this leads to a behavioral profile of all Dutch people through all payments.

It is about: WAT you transfer, TRUE you transfer it and HOW MUCH you transfer.
And there the relevant relations between. The privacy will be a thing of the past.

The payment traffic is then mapped, with the result that the possibility arises to provide payment behavior to services to link:

That is to say that when the government finds you te many drink wine, then the government can just take one limit to the number of bottles you order.

Or if the government thinks: you are only allowed 3 order breads per week, because no more is needed!
This option is then open to them, because they have your payment traffic TOTAL in hands.

In this way, they can also easily PUNISH YOU for IMPROPER behavior, eg denial of certain necessities of life, public transport, events (if they still exist), purchases of sports, etc. etc.

In other words, it can become people's behavior enforced, that is wrong. They can then fully automate this by setting up an AI (artificial intelligence) that arranges all that. So what it comes down to is that they are small club people can exercise great power.

Banks may also charge negative interest. That means you have money must Pay to put it on the couch save it. And because you have no other way to pay than only with the debit card (bank), so no more cash, then you have to believe that you will pay the negative interest. That is completely wrong.

What happens now: if too much negative interest is levied, people will withdraw their money from the bank. You can do that in the near future so no more because there is soon no more cash. The banks will assume a total dominant position.

So if you consider what happens when cash disappears!
Your freedom and privacy also disappear ...

Do not go wrong with pins, but keep in mind that cash does not MAG to disappear.

Cash is currently our preservation of freedom until there is another payment system without banks in between such as the Blockchain technology, for example.

Do not give the banks / government that power to take away our freedom by making the cash disappear!



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