NewTime Live – Weltschmerz Next

NieuweTijd Live – Weltschmerz Next Duncan tells in the livestream about a new part of Café Weltschmerz for young people. Weltschmerz Next! Duncan Robles makes programs for Café Weltschmerz NEXT, part of the Café Weltschmerz YouTube channel. It is a special section where young people have their say. The idea arose after Duncan and Laura […]

NewTime Live – Stop the Struggle!

NewTime Live – Stop the Struggle! Rob Vellekoop has been writing for his website DLMPlus for over 10 years about abuses and corruption in the world. He wrote about politics, economy, corona and even regularly went to demonstrations to report. But recently it's done. A new course has been set with which […]

The New Age with Sid Lukkassen

Sid Lukkassen is a historian/philosopher and has been a regular guest on the Café Weltschmerz YouTube channel in recent years. Lately he can mainly be seen at Blue Tiger Studio in Groningen and he is working on his own initiative 'De Nieuwe Zuil'. On Sid's website we read the following: The stories from the societies […]

Fake vaccination certificate popular in Russia

Fake vaccination certificate popular in Russia William Immink lives in Izhevks (Russia) and regularly updates us on the most important news. In this podcast William talks about ordinary life in Russia. He talks about his father-in-law's birthday, the new car (Lada Granta) he bought and the status of his new […]

The Audiokrant # 45

De Audiokrant #45. Rob Vellekoop has been active for 10 years as a writer for his website DLMPLus, in which he writes very critically about the media, politics and government. Rob has recently undergone a personal transformation. The anger and fierce criticism with which he wrote his articles seem to be fading. In De Audiokrant Rob tells […]

CommonSenseTV Podcast # 9

CommonSenseTV Podcast #9 Welcome to the 9th episode of the CommonSenseTV podcast. In this podcast we talk about the roll-call vote requested by Gideon van Meijeren. We also discuss how it is possible that people like Klaus Schwab openly come out for their agenda while politicians who implement that agenda do not want to […]

De Audiokrant #44 – Experimental vaccine on children?

De Audiokrant #44 Guido Jonkers has written an article about vaccinating teenagers aged 12 to 17 years. The question that Guido focuses on is the following: how can you as a doctor want to vaccinate a group of people with an experimental vaccine? In De Audiokrant, Guido is astonished by the policy that the outgoing Minister of Health […]

The Audiokrant edition 43

De Audiokrant edition 43 In the forty-third edition, Niels Lunsing talks with Veerle Coulembier from RT Belgium, Jeroen Arents from OPN & writer Pieter Stuurman. Jürgen Conings Veerle Coulembier gives an update from Belgium in De Audiokrant. The search for professional soldier Jürgen Conings was also big news in the Netherlands. Adding to all the uncertainty last week was a […]

CSTV Podcast Episode 7

CSTV Podcast Episode 7 Welcome to the 7th episode of the CommonSenseTV Podcast. This week we're talking about Dr. Malone, the man who invented mRNA technology. He sounds the alarm bells but is, of course, immediately removed from social media. We are talking about the fallen government in Sweden. The absurd vaccination campaign and […]

NieuweTijd Live – Living together in an ecovillage

NieuweTijd Live – Living together in an eco-village Few people carry with them such a great desire to work towards a new world as Diederick Huizinga. Besides his career as a professional jingle maker (Pure Jingles) and entrepreneur, he is very passionate about realizing an eco-village. In the Nieuwe Tijd Live (18-6-2021), […]

De Audiokrant ep. 42

De Audiokrant ep. 42 Welcome to the 42nd episode of De Audiokrant Ella Ster tells about an article she read on Channel4 in which the London police refuse to investigate Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Public records show that over a 10-year period, there are at least 6 testimonials from victims […]

NieuweTijd LIVE – Alternative to the current food system (Herenboeren)

NieuweTijd LIVE – Alternative to the current food system (Herenboeren) More and more people want to know where their food comes from and are increasingly making more conscious choices. Years ago, Geert van der Veer saw the ultimate opportunity to produce fair and sustainable food as an alternative. He started De Herenboeren in 2012 and has since […]

CommonSenseTV Podcast: Episode 6

During this podcast we discuss the major corona scandal that has been exposed by BILD. Hospitals have lied massively about the occupancy rate. For money! We discuss the VVD scrapbook, fodder for humor. Wybren van Haga is discussed and we talk about the dangers of covid vaccines and the GGD that goes into "deprived neighborhoods" to motivate people to […]

NewTime LIVE – Make That Change

NieuweTijd LIVE - Make That Change Fiona Zwart has been an entrepreneur/coach for years and since the corona crisis started last year, she got the feeling that something was not right. She soon came across the Café Weltschmerz YouTube channel, where she made several interviews with writer Pieter Stuurman and entrepreneur Ferdinand van der Neut. Fiona saw […]

De AudioKrant ep. 41

De AudioKrant #41 In the forty-first edition, Niels talks with journalist Rico Brouwer van Potkaars, writer Elze van Hamelen of Gezond Verstand & editor-in-chief Sander Compagner of De Andere Krant. De Audiokant is a weekly collection of independent news. In addition to the regular media, there is also an alternative media where many people in the Netherlands […]

CommonSenseTV Podcast # 5

CommonSenseTV Podcast #5 Welcome to the 5th edition of the CommonSenseTV Podcast. In this episode we talk about Thiery Baudet and his fantastic contribution to the House of Representatives in which he describes exactly what is going on here. After his input, Flavio Pasquino interviewed Thierry Baudet and a nice personal conversation resulted. […]

De Audiokrant ep. 40

De Audiokrant ep. 40 The fortieth edition of De Audiokrant is a festive occasion. Rob Vellekoop has been running his news site DLMPlus for 10 years since this week and that is a major achievement. I will talk to Rob about his motivation to write articles for his page almost daily. The corruption, the injustice and basically everything […]

CommonSenseTV Podcast # 4

CSTV Podcast Episode 4 Today we talk about the news that Israel is abolishing all corona measures and vaccination passports. We are talking about Reiner Fuellmich explaining in 2 minutes how the Big Pharma put pressure to produce the vaccine. We're talking about Beau going crazy on one of his broadcasts when […]

NewTime LIVE - From the system

NieuweTijd LIVE – Out of the system We live consciously or unconsciously in all kinds of systems that offer us opportunities or impose restrictions. Think of the political system or a family system that we participate in on a daily basis but that we have not asked for. Is it also possible to leave the system? Merlyn from […]

CSTV Podcast # 3

CSTV Podcast # 3: About our website, the vaccinations and much more Welcome to the 3rd CommonSenseTV podcast in which Niels and Danny talk about the dangers of the vaccines, the CSTV website, the media and much more. Have fun listening!

The AudioKrant # 38

De AudioKrant # 38 This week Niels talks to writer Pieter Stuurman, Dwight Samson from RTDutch & Jeroen Arents from OPN. NieuweTijd Podcast · De Audiokrant edition 38

NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra

NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra In the fourth livestream Niels talks with Rients Hofstra about an alternative polity. Rients has been the writer of several books for years in which he speaks about an alternative polity. The new media increasingly asks him to write for De Andere Krant, De OPN Krant & CommonSenseTV. […]

NewTime LIVE - Radiation sensitivity

NieuweTijd LIVE - Radiation sensitivity In the third livestream (14/5/2021) Niels Lunsing spoke with teacher and relationship therapist Sylvia Slegers about the impact of radiation on flora and fauna. In addition to her personal experiences with radiation sensitivity, Sylvia has studied the many studies that have been done on radiation in recent years. In the livestream she gives a […]

The Audiokrant 37

De Audiokrant 37 De Audiokant is a weekly collection of independent news. In addition to the regular media, there is also an alternative media where many people in the Netherlands are passionately committed to honest and independent news provision. This sound has grown considerably in recent years and would like more cooperation. To amplify this sound make […]

NieuweTijd LIVE - The parallel society

NieuweTijd LIVE - The parallel society On Friday 7 May 2021 I spoke with writer Peter Toonen and activist Tilasmi Frigge about the parallel society. Peter published his book 'Locked in a pyramid' in 2018 in which he describes how 13.000 years of deception and manipulation managed to chain us. It is also an interesting development that […]