De Audiokrant 57 – Huig Plug – 10 years of Transitieweb – Tribunal

Read 1.089 De Audiokrant 57 – Huig Plug – 10 years Transitieweb – Tribunaltje Many people will have noticed that whistleblower Huig Plug was recently arrested. Videos of his arrest were seen on Twitter and there was a lot of commotion. Writer Ella Ster follows the case closely and gives a […]

De Audiokrant 56 – A shocking discovery – 2G – Call of the conscious people

Read 2.673 De Audiokrant 56 Peter Toonen gained a lot of fame in 2012 because of his knowledge about the Mayan calendar. He is also known as the Maya expert of the Netherlands. At the time, he was interviewed a lot on radio and TV, but this year he started interviewing himself at the YouTube channel Café Weltschmerz. Peter presents a book program where […]

De Audiokrant 55 – How long can we keep this up?

Read 2.274 De Audiokrant 55 – How long can we keep this up? In De Audiokrant, Fiona Zwart gives an update of her work at De Andere Krant, Make That Change & on Twitter. In recent weeks she regularly writes catchy threads that are picked up by many readers on Twitter. Fiona indicates that she does not […]

De Audiokrant 54 – The press conference – UNN – How do you deal with trolls?

Read 1.090 De Audiokrant 54 Lawyer Jeroen Sloendregt did not pay close attention to this week's press conference. He tells De Audiokrant that he is no longer participating and encourages awake listeners to do the same. Burgerfront has been giving many lectures throughout the country in recent months about the basic rights that you can […]

De Audiokrant 53 – The lies in the media, Julian Assange & Belgium

Read 858 Pieter Stuurman is deeply concerned about the world we will soon find ourselves in. In De Audiokrant he gives a number of examples of concrete lies in the media. This mainly concerns the figures of corona patients who are unvaccinated and who would now be in hospitals. According to Pieter, hospitals are now mainly […]

De Audiokrant 52 – Holocaust survivors want research into genocide

Read 1.676 It seems as if history is repeating itself. According to writer Ella Ster, that is indeed the case. In De Audiokrant we discuss a striking news item from the website Moshe Brown, Hillel Handler and Vera Sharav have asked the ICC to investigate genocide in several European countries. The three […]

De Audiokrant edition 51 – Politics, graphene & connecting!

Read 3.833 De Audiokrant edition 51 Patricia Mensink tells in De Audiokrant that she was very satisfied with her last broadcast of AlwarenessTV. Economist Ad Broere was a guest and according to Patricia he was able to articulate very clearly the situation in which we ended up. An economic crisis is inevitable and that is why it is good to […]

The Audiokrant number 50!

Read 399 Rick Kuitems has made considerable professionalization with LNN media. The editorial staff has been expanded and there is now also an office in Hilversum where programs can be made. Rick talks passionately about the distortions in the news by the MSM. Outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge filed a report this week because of a […]

The undercurrent of society | The Other Newspaper Podcast #1

Read 536 The Other Krant Podcast will tackle topics about the increasing control and division in society. We also want to give space to the opposition, in order to provide more insight and information. Because we strive for freedom, truth, connection and a better world. Presented by: Niels Lunsing YouTube channel: