“It was never about our health. It was about eugenics and genocide.”

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: 'It was never about health, always about eugenics and genocide' After interviewing countless experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, economics and medicine, lawyer Reiner Fuellmich came to the conclusion that the 'corona pandemic' never went away. for health, but always for the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises, and eugenics […]

Vote fraud in Georgia (US) confirmed

Vote fraud confirmed in Georgia During a show by Tucker Carlson (FOX News), he exposed the alleged vote fraud in Georgia. It was a neck and neck race in Georgia. Biden won by just 13.000 votes in a state of nearly 11 million people. It has been found, among other things, that more than […]

Telegram, the new Twatter and Fakebook?

Requests and referrals come in regularly to go to telegram posts. It would be a unique, privacy-safe app/application for which you would have to register yourself to see everything, because most of the info turns out to be too large for a non-subscriber to see. Signing up is quite simple, […]

Censorship leads to morning mood.

Censorship leads to morning mood, It's that time again, no sooner has the day started than I want to bang my head against the wall again to smash out the nonsense that has flowed in. Even before breakfast any appetite is stripped by the degree of stupidity and absurdity that has once again been displayed. Hence […]

Important and shocking! The lies exposed

The greatest lie of all time exposed If you somehow ended up here without being a CommonSenseTV reader then you're in luck. Why? You now have the chance to see the shocking but also most important video about the coronavirus with Dutch subtitles. You will keep your eyes and your […]

Amazing Polly about Mind Control and Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Covid Injections, PCR Rods & Mouth Masks

Thanks to the Vaccinvrij Foundation for making this translated video and introductory text available. The Vaccine Free Foundation is committed to transparent information and the maintenance of a free choice of vaccination. You can find their website here: https://stichtingvaccinvrij.nl/ Amazing Polly about Mind Control and Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Covid Injections, PCR Rods & Mouth Masks In this […]

I'm afraid it's getting too late...

The net is tightening and tightening and people are still docilely standing in line. Soon the moment will come when hugo tells you to remember the number of your clothes hook, so that you can quickly find your clothes again after showering. Meanwhile, the story becomes more and more […]

Donald Trump is suing Google, Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump sues Google, Twitter and Facebook President Donald Trump, who was removed from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year, just announced class action lawsuits against Google, Twitter, Facebook and their SEOs. A class action, called a representative action or group action in Dutch, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people […]

Cricket players collapse after vaccine

Overjoyed (or obligately overjoyed) were the women of the West Indies national cricket team. Finally protected from that terrible invisible pandemic based on a non-functioning PCR test. A killer virus that only exists in people's minds but not in the numbers. This tweet from the West Indies team is from 3 days before […]

This is how Facebook will shut you up within an hour

An hour ago we posted an article to warn about the experimental injections for children. That was not appreciated. It was about this article. The Facebook “fact checkers” were immediately on it… But as soon as they are on it, there is so little time for an explanation: Thank you too […]

“Doctors should count on prosecution!” says trial lawyer and lecturer in liability law…

Text and images by Blckbox “Doctors must count on prosecution!” says trial lawyer and lecturer in liability law. On 11 March, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport de Jonge was still firm; "Astra Zeneca is just a good vaccine and the reported thrombosis cases occur after vaccination and not because of vaccination," the minister said with conviction on the NOS […]

Beware: Fake-fake news

It is well known that independent news and opinion sites are portrayed by governments and the mainstream media as spreaders of fake news. A story must be sold and any dissent must be eliminated. Even scientific studies, opinions of experienced and reputable doctors, immunologists, vaccine scientists, if it doesn't fit the bill, it should be censored. […]

FVD strikes back

  Social media censorship is getting worse. YouTube is now removing speeches we give in the House of Representatives – speeches that are democratically elected to represent you and bring power to order. That goes too far for us. That's why we're going to court.


Source: by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu Poorly translated, but easy to read. Excuses. Schwab Genealogy & History Schwab is a locational German name, first given to someone who lived in the medieval Duchy of Swabia in southwestern Germany, now Bavaria. This region owes its name to the Germanic tribe of the first century […]

The personal vaccination drama of Lisette Verhoeven

This is what vaccination damage looks like. This is the sad story of innocent people who couldn't believe that these vaccines could serve a different purpose. People who assumed that the government and the media want the best for you. Until it happened to them themselves. The 28-year-old Lisette did it for […]

When knowledge is no longer desired.

Recently I had already started writing a response to a video by emeritus professor of immunology Pierre Capel. I did this in response to his worrying message in which he indicated that he would no longer make a video because of censorship terror. Of course, then something inside me broke and almost immediately […]

Movie/documentary: The Greater Good (2011)

Movie/Docu: The Greater Good (2011) More relevant than ever. Highly recommended to sit down for an hour. The Greater Good is an award-winning documentary through a number of individuals exploring the cultural intersections where parenthood and modern medicine meet and individual rights clash with the […]

A picture paints a thousand words

The popularity of some non-Pro cabal individuals, which the MSM (consciously) translates to Extreme¨ and Right, cannot simply be hidden away in the hetfor their eyes only¨ file for their eyes only with the help of the internet. Bolsonaro supporters blocked on Facebook And for those who get presented it anyway, […]

Biggest corona scandal unmasked. Fraud IC beds: Hospitals manipulated occupancy rates

Major fraud IC beds exposed: German hospitals manipulated occupancy rates A report by the Federal Court of Auditors (BRH) reveals one of the biggest scandals during the coronaplandemic in Germany. German hospitals manipulated intensive care occupancy rates so that they would receive financial support from the government. The federal government had reportedly been aware for months […]

The great Corona Vaccination Debate: No reason to continue vaccinating

  From Café Weltschmerz Vaccination experts: “Now stop with corona vaccinations” The corona vaccination campaign is in full swing. The oldest age groups have now been massively vaccinated. Should we continue down this road? Or are there reasons to hold back? In part 1 of the Great Corona Vaccination Debate, Martine Groeneveld and […]

Are you taking the Covid vaccine after watching this video?

  A valid question for anyone watching this very good curated and animated video. This After Skool video highlights the most valid points why you should think twice before you decide to take an experimental Covid-19 injection. Have a look and decide for yourself. Thanks to the Vaccine Free Foundation for […]

Weekly corona related news from Israel

  Weekly corona related news from Israel by activist Ilana Rachel Daniel. Ilana is the founder of the Common Denominator and known for the interview with Flavio at Blckbx that was censored by YouTube for two weeks, but is now back online. Ilana keeps her followers informed about the developments in Israel with […]