Caught in the act! Confidential Pfizer-FDA Document Revealed

Read 24.049 Cover up of vaccination damage and vaccination deaths from the covid vaccine And according to the document 3 times more women than men. Pfizer had already been caught with a laundry list of criminal trials in the past and those that are still ongoing, but this confirms everything. The FDA has never been allowed to approve the vaccine. Thanks to the efforts […]

De Audiokrant 56 – A shocking discovery – 2G – Call of the conscious people

Read 2.674 De Audiokrant 56 Peter Toonen gained a lot of fame in 2012 because of his knowledge about the Mayan calendar. He is also known as the Maya expert of the Netherlands. At the time, he was interviewed a lot on radio and TV, but this year he started interviewing himself at the YouTube channel Café Weltschmerz. Peter presents a book program where […]

Excess mortality is increasing in the Netherlands


Read 2.439 Excess mortality in the Netherlands is increasing According to the CBS, excess mortality in the Netherlands is increasing, reports the NOS website. Last week, considerably more people died in the Netherlands than expected. More than 3750 people died and that means an 'excess mortality' of almost 850, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics. The […]

Klaus Schwab arrested ?? (For your information)

Read 5.357 Apologies to Carla for the addition (adoption) of the art. But I don't want to withhold her and you from the following information. (¨Hair¨ and ¨u¨ are pronounces chosen by me personally) Concerning art. Klaus Schwab arrested ?? And why this art. has a double question mark in the headline. Below art. […]

Arguments please!!!!!

Read 7.017 Arguments please!!!!! Every now and then a corona-critical person appears in state talk programs such as Jinek and Op1 in the Netherlands. In Belgium this is not the case at all. But if it happens in a chat program, it goes like this: The 'corona denier' then sits at the table with strict program leaders and […]

How long will the vaccinated live? The inventor of graphene oxide's answer

Read 6.671 Devil's Generals: Gates, Schwab, Merkel, Canderian. Everyone knows who Bill Gates is. More and more people know who Klaus Schwab is. Merkel does not need information. But few people know who Dr. Mylo Canderian is. And why I have placed him in the ranks of the devil's generals who […]

Deadly sick promo video: Pfizer abuses children to sell 'vaccine'

Read 8.013 Deception and manipulation The media, schools, governments and the big pharmas themselves all want to inject everyone, at any cost or human life. Good or bad. Governments MUST. There is no turning back for these people who have sold their souls to Devilish creatures. Disgusting promos are being made. Dancing with Jansen. Pino […]