Is he calling Frans Timmermans a pig?

Carpenter a pig? It seems very likely that the new EU president, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, called Frans Timmermans a pig at the beginning of this month. bastard. That's not how you treat pigs. On Twitter, Janša said it was "someone" from the EU who is "high in the bureaucracy". It was quite […]

The Doctors Collective Foundation: Don't make hasty decisions!

This article is from the Foundation for Doctors Covid Collective Vaccinating healthy children is irresponsible The Doctors Collective is very concerned and displeased with the advice of the Health Council to 'make the Covid-19 vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer available to all adolescents aged 12 to 17 years who wish to make use of it'. The vast majority of […]

School doctor warns you as a parent: Several children have heart problems after vaccination

Doctors warn against vaccinating children Dear ignorant parents. If you only knew what's going on in the world, you wouldn't even think about getting your child vaccinated. In Austria, several children with severe vaccination reactions had to go to hospital. In one case, myocarditis has already been confirmed. (source) “Myocarditis is inflammation of the […]

Idiocy at its best: vaccinating teenagers as a 'shield'…?!?!

Article by WantToKnow Vaccinating children as a shield? How is it possible that as a (pediatric) doctor you just go over the Oath of Hypocrates with your mud boots? That you make it an 'oath of hypocrisy'..? How can you as a doctor want to vaccinate a group of people with an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE, the side effects of which are not yet known, […]

Children do not become second class citizens!

Article is from LNN Media Nobody will be! De Volkskrant: 'The pediatricians see another argument, he says. 'We don't want teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 to become second-class citizens. Just think: if you are under 12, you are in principle exempt from testing for events or abroad. If you […]

Let's not gamble with our kids!

The newsletter below is from the Doctors Covid Collective Foundation. (source) Let's not gamble with our children! We are sending this newsletter faster than usual. This haste stems from our deep concern about the potential development surrounding the vaccination of children and young people outside clear Covid-19 risk groups. Disseminating and discussing background information on usefulness and […]

Racist WOKE education in public schools

Racism as an Education Less than a year ago, Elana Fishbein was a happy stay-at-home mom raising her three boys in a middle-class Philadelphia suburb. She noted that the school where two of her boys went to gave some classes to her children who were, to say the least, quite politically biased. […]

Keep your paws off us and our children!

Vaccinating children During these "debates" you see dirty politicians and scammers from the medical world and the pharmaceutical industry who cunningly try to talk their way out of everything with many words without substance and with emo-politics. This is about vaccinating children. An insane thought. If those vaccines do work, then why […]

The Johannes Fontanus College in Barneveld and the corona rules

We received this newsletter in our mailbox: To indicate how great the "relaxations" are going. Because people have already had everything, such as the curfew, keeping your distance, xx people in your house or you are punishable, you name all the idiotic measures, people often jump in the air about the relaxation. Not […]

German court rules: Masks obligation illegal and dangerous for children

Weimar court bans masks at 2 schools On April 8, a court in Weimar ruled that 2 schools are no longer allowed to allow students to wear masks, keep their distance from each other and do not have to submit to rapid tests. Schools were also no longer allowed to provide distance education. A mother of 2 […]

Court sets off corona mistreatment of children

Corona madness with children This is pretty much the new normal that Mark Rutte also strives for. Not so much because he wants to. He consciously joined the Davos cabal and offered himself as an executor, betraying, maiming, robbing and murdering his own population. Rutte and the young have no […]

Republican Governor vetoes ban on chemical castration of children

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a bill banning sex reassignment surgery for minors. To better describe this operation: The liberal hobby is chemical castration via anaphrodisiac on children. In adults this is used to tone down the libido. (source) The New York Times reported in 2016 that this […]

Scandal in The Hague: Old article to refresh your memory.

A bit of history / background information to give the article more clarity and why Huig so often links the name Demmink. Below art. is an older art. from 2013 An important explosive political scandal in the Netherlands. The story behind it is so filthy and the cover-up of the Dutch government so energetic, that the broad […]

The new normal? - Children who try to commit suicide for fear.

Reports from the UK. The new normal? - Children attempting suicide for fear that their family will incur Covid The actions of the government in following a science that involves the imposition of dictatorial tyranny and depriving the general public of their rights and freedoms in order to supposedly prevent the spread […]

Twitter tries to dismiss child sex trafficking lawsuit based on immunity

Twitter Tries To Dismiss Lawsuit Filed By Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Using Section 230 Based On Immunity Twitter is asking a federal court in Florida to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a victim of child sex trafficking who claimed the social media giant immediately refused to remove the child's explicit content on its platform. The lawsuit, […]

The War Against Our Children: Part I - Indoctrination and Pedophilia

The future is legal pedophilia Part I of a reportage “The War against our Children” about the transition towards the global New Normal (Build Back Better). How they come for our children and what role they will play in the future of the people at the helm .. Read after the video also the recommended article. […]

A look behind the scenes of our "Elite" and their "Humanitarian organizations"

Unsaid but not forgotten. United Nations “Peacekeepers” Caught Running Child Sex Ring: Over 2.000 Sexual Assault Cases Reported This article contains disturbing content and addresses a problem that urgently needs to be brought to light. The rates of pedophilia, sexual abuse and sex trafficking are increasing every year. The International Labor Organization […]

Notices of Liability / Dr. Elke de Klerk

Notices of Liability / Dr. Elke de Klerk Hypnotic propaganda by the government is causing a state of general panic. In addition, the population has not the slightest idea of ​​the reality, which is systematically hidden from them by the media. The scientifically baseless and medically irresponsible measures are literally destroying millions of lives worldwide. Countless companies go bankrupt […]

CSTV is for everyone

For some people there is the idea that CSTV only posts one-sided messages. Or that it removes or bans "other sounds" like Facebook and Twitter. Now here is a 'different' sound from VRT. Now that that makes no difference with NPO, Telegraaf, etc. (see how an introduction can already make your thoughts […]

No conspiracy thoughts but facts (guest blog)

No theories, no assumptions and no accusations. Just the facts. (Sanne Burger) How is it possible that a small group of protesters could have successfully stormed one of the most secure buildings in the world, the Capitol? Why should small companies worldwide, including the catering industry, close and large companies (Ikea, supermarkets, MacDonalds) open? Why […]

Facebook the 'perfect' platform for pedophiles and child abuse?

Australian Government Is Criticizing Facebook For Sick Double Standards By Creating The 'Perfect' Platform For Pedophiles To Share Child Abuse - And Keeping You From Reading The News Facebook Has Banned Millions Of Australians From Watching News On Platform The Decision Means Australians Not read or share news on Facebook […]

Vaccinating children without permission is rape

Rumors have it that children can / may be tested at school without parental consent. Even worse rumors are that the outgoing government is developing plans to vaccinate children against a nasty flu without being asked. A nasty flu that ignores professional content such as Rutte and De Jonge, but also a number of vets with a virology note, spasmodic and […]