LIVE: appeal mouth caps: I just want to go to school!

Read 2.332 LIVE appeal today at 9:30 From Foundation “I just want to go to school“ Can we boost this en masse? Are you live with our appeal regarding the mouth cap obligation in schools? As we announced in our previous message, we will be in […]

De Audiokrant 57 – Huig Plug – 10 years of Transitieweb – Tribunal

Read 1.089 De Audiokrant 57 – Huig Plug – 10 years Transitieweb – Tribunaltje Many people will have noticed that whistleblower Huig Plug was recently arrested. Videos of his arrest were seen on Twitter and there was a lot of commotion. Writer Ella Ster follows the case closely and gives a […]

NewTime Podcast – Tijdboek LuMens

Read 2.169 NieuweTijd Podcast – Tijdboek LuMens In this podcast I talk to Ferdinand van der Neut, initiator of the Tijdboek LuMens. 2020 was a turbulent year for Ferdinand in which he decided to make a Time Book. The first idea was a magazine, but after a while he decided to turn it into a book […]

Law is Law! Only if hugo says so

Read 2.529 Law is Law! Only if herr hugo says so. art. 11 of the constitution says: Everyone has the right to inviolability of his body, subject to restrictions to be set by or pursuant to the law. However, do not forget the addition ¨However, the legislator may make exceptions to that fundamental right.¨ This is a very important […]

For example, do like Thierry, Let the Sun in Your Heart.

Read 2.428 Maybe seen? Maybe not. You like it? maybe not. The option to skip this post is in your own hands. But what could warm me up during this time was the video below of only 1min and 11sec. What 1min and 11 sec. can't do with […]

It is of course still speculation, but…

Read 2.881 It remains a guess, of course, but… It may be clear that the arrest of Huig Plug is difficult, Ferd Grapperhaus has deliberately stepped on the lid of the cesspool, because he certainly does not want an independent investigation into the satanic and sadistic child abuse, there might be something about the […]

Deadly sick promo video: Pfizer abuses children to sell 'vaccine'

Read 8.013 Deception and manipulation The media, schools, governments and the big pharmas themselves all want to inject everyone, at any cost or human life. Good or bad. Governments MUST. There is no turning back for these people who have sold their souls to Devilish creatures. Disgusting promos are being made. Dancing with Jansen. Pino […]

Grapperhaus responsible for head kickers and blocking child abuse investigation

Read 2.299 grapperhaus responsible for head kickers Gideon van Meijeren does not mince his words. Van Meijeren (FvD) holds Grapperhaus responsible for police brutality and ignores the blocking of independent investigations into child abuse. grapperhaus always looks the other way at excessive police brutality around corona demonstrations. Agents who HEAD defenseless civilians may simply remain in service. […]

Scandal after Scandal and rutte is still pulling the (hand)cart?

Read 3.321 Thanks to Bert Brandsma's YouTube channel. Scandal after Scandal and rutte is still pulling the (hand)cart? How much worse does it all have to get? Omtzigt again names a whole laundry list of abuses. – rutte who in Brussels preferred not to mince words about the 1115 children who have been evicted. See: […]

Putting a (straight) Spoke in the wheel of child abuse.

Read 5.780 Blue Tiger Studio A cascade of information in the conversation between Tom and Ferdinand van der Neut. The most terrible things, some of which are so bad that people don't want to believe it and consciously look away. If you thought the corona measures were a violation of human rights, hold your ground for what […]