It's sink or swim!

It's sink or swim! Sometimes I am wrong. At the moment I think I was seriously mistaken. For many years I had been under the assumption that as Dutch people we were a seafaring nation that has dominated the world's seas for centuries. I assumed that the Dutch would build dikes and reclaim […]

Flood disaster in Limburg, what is really going on here?

Flood disaster in Limburg, what is really going on here? When I visited @Your best friend is watching with you on YouTube a day ago, I ended up in a very special spectacle, something that was actually set up to put Willem Engel in a bad light because of a statement by him about the [ …]

Climate predictions over the years have turned out to be nonsense. Disprove it?

Climate change and global warming We know what's coming. We will be bombarded with climate propaganda again and they will bring it to you that it is “even worse than corona”. Our friend Bill Gates: The idea, man's overestimation, of even thinking of having any influence on […]

Thierry Baudet speaks the hard truth with passion during corona debate

Klaus Schwab can be proud of you! Take on them, these scammers in the House of Representatives with BLOOD on their hands! It must be over with this fascist society that is forced upon us for absolutely nothing. The figures show that nothing, absolutely nothing, is going on and the spectacle around it […]

Conception, drugs and drug residues in the drinking water

Anti-conception, medicines and drug residues in drinking water The RIVM has investigated an increase in chemical and biological substances that pollute our drinking water, which do not belong in our environment and which were difficult to remove by current filter methods. Due to a strong increase in these substances, the water quality falls below a certain standard […]

Catholic priest demolishes Joe Biden: "Over my corpse"

Catholicism and Climate The unjustified president of the United States Joe Biden has turned America into a country with dystopian features within a few weeks. The country is crazy and is becoming dumber and dumber, according to Newsmax presenter Schmitt .. (source) Rationality and logic are hard to find and are dismissed as hatred and terrorism by the […]

On to WuHAMburger

While the Corona, vaccines, lockdowns and masks continue to dominate our daily news supply, we should not forget that the "climate fighters" have not closed their agendas. No, you must continue to worry about a virus that may or may not have escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan. But did you know that Cowboy Billy Gates […]

God is on Earth: His name is Bill Gates

We gaan het zonlicht dimmen! Dat er hordes mensen zijn die Bill Gates als een soort weldoener zien die het beste voor heeft met de mensheid is een bijzonder fenomeen. Onze onhandige filantroop heeft een nieuw idee. Hij gaat de zon dimmen om zo de aarde af te koelen. [the_ad id=”40491″] Dit is niet zomaar […]

The Audiokrant # 30 with Tilasmi Frigge, Patricia Mensink and Sander Compagner

In the thirtieth edition of De Audiokrant, Niels talks with activist Tilasmi Frigge of YouTube channel De Ommekeer, Patricia Mensink of AlwarenessTV & editor-in-chief Sander Compagner of De Andere Krant. Tilasmi Frigge made a very impressive video for his YouTube channel De Ommekeer last week. He reported on the demonstration against the disproportionate corona measures at the […]

The bear is loose!

The bear is loose! By ing. Vicki Van Lommel on Friday, March 19, 2021 Under the globalist leadership of Kaag, we are heading for a society in which people with the greatest Pavlovian effect score the most social credits while the moral compass has been thrown overboard, culminating in collective suicide Nu Nederland has voted, there is a coalition […]

No words for it.

We are waiting for further reporting and reactions to, and whether this (election) story will get a tail end? mark rutte says he is 'super proud' of the election victory. “We have become the largest party in the Netherlands for the fourth time in a row. This makes you very humble. It lifts you up, but also gives you a great […]

Pope Francis "The Time of the New World Order"

Pope Francis made an astonishing appeal to make this the time of the new world order. Pope Francis is the most controversial pope in the lives of many. But the Pope went a step further with his left-wing political activism that no one could have predicted. And Pope Francis made an astonishing appeal for this time […]

“The climate crisis does not wait” Fancy a European game of Grand Theft Auto?

Familiar with the game Grand Theft Auto? Certainly soon, in the name of "climate", everyone with the exception of the well-to-do, will soon be able to take the electro bus, train or Uber to work and back. Provided you do not violate the curfew imposed on you by doing so, of course. Belgium wants to sell new cars with only a […]

Election fraud 2021

ELECTION FRAUD Jan De Man, Saturday 13 March 2021 Never in the history of parliamentary democracy in the Netherlands have elections been as important and crucial as those in 2021! Global interests Those who pay close attention, watch and listen, have seen, heard and read that a global plan is being rolled out. Those who have read it, heard it […]

What are the parties saying about farmers and nitrogen? source: rtv north

Interesting art. from RTV Noord about what the political parties think about the issue: Boer en Stikstof. How do parties think farming should be done in times of nitrogen problems? The programs for elections to the House of Representatives from 15 to 17 March show that many parties see no other option than less livestock farming. Recent research shows […]

Another exceptional CSTV Interview with mark rutte

De Telegraaf, you know, the newspaper of dormant Netherlands, published an extensive interview with Mark Rutte on 5 March. To be honest, it moved me a bit when I read the interview. mark showed that he really wants the very best for our country. he will work for the low-income groups, for […]

A Lockdown for the Climate every two years

Equivalent of Covid emissions reduction needed every two years According to experts, emissions have decreased proportionally in the last ten years to meet safe global warming limits The annual rate of emissions reductions must increase about tenfold from that in high-income countries before the pandemic, […]

You can take a breath again

NASA Vegetation Index: Earth Continues Rapid Greening Trend, Sahara alone is shrinking 700.000 square kilometers! Looking at NASA's Vegetation Index data, the good news is that the world has grown 10% green so far this century. That is good news, because we know that this ultimately means a larger production area and forest expansion. Ironically, what is much […]

VVD election promise: compulsory vaccination or exclusion of children

VVD excludes unvaccinated children. Politically correct saying that you are going to enforce the vaccine. That should no longer work for smart people in 2021. They come for your children. That has always been said and it is deadly serious. And logical when you put yourself in the place of the people who want to rearrange the world and create a […]

World Economic Forum "commercial" reduction of world population.

World Economic Forum "commercial" reduction of world population. A fantastic promo from the WEF Promo of the World Economic Forum calls for population reduction? Why clean air, empty streets, ideal climate if we CANNOT go outside? In other words, "if we are not allowed to live"

What is the purpose of the Corona crisis?

What is the purpose of the corona crisis? Many people wonder how and why we ended up in this dystopia. In any case, it is not a deadly virus. The evidence is there for the taking that lockdowns are scientific madness. There are more than 20 studies available that lockdowns don't work. (1) Sweden and […]

Halmstad Sweden bans masks: 'No scientific evidence' that these COVIDs occur.

Officials in Halmstad Municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their masks and banned the use of masks and all forms of personal protective equipment in schools. The municipality said there was no scientific evidence for the wearing of masks, citing the Swedish public health authority. Here's the audio from […]

VVD, PvdA, D66 and CDA support The Great Reset: 'build back better'

To reform our society and economy after the corona crisis, politicians throughout world politics use the slogan “build back better”. A term that indicates that they are for 'sustainable living' what World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab calls 'The Great Reset'. Meanwhile, both Mark Rutte (VVD), Lilianne Ploumen (PvdA), Palestigrid […]