Kaag and trust

Trust no one, at most yourself. But even the latter is virtually impossible in the case of Sigrid Kaag. Earlier this week, Kaag admitted to not trust anyone, except her family and some close friends. I would advise them not to repay this trust in the same coin. Kaag is not just a member of […]

CommonSense TV negatively portrayed!

It is possible that a single reader has already come across "Your best friend is watching with you" on YouTube, I have been following this site for some time, because quite incriminating videos are presented about people and organizations, in principle this person presented himself under a different name and presented himself as someone who was the Satanic Pedophile […]

Who and/or what is wrong?

National newspapers are filled with untruths, declining talk shows persist in inviting guests who spread lies. A: Political parties are no good. -1- They all want to exercise power and function within a flawed polity -2- They attract bad characters, including many psychopaths -3- They demand factional discipline to support their power -4- They […]

Toilet paper on the receipt?

Today I want to discuss the following topic with you. Namely the possible shortages that we hear more and more about left and right. Of course, at the beginning of the “pandemic” (or what must pass for it) we saw that the supermarkets suddenly had to deal with empty shelves! The toilet paper rolls in particular flew […]


Dear readers, you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for a while. This is correct, due to various circumstances my full attention was demanded elsewhere. For the past month and a half I have hardly followed current affairs and during this period I forced myself to leave the computers alone so that I […]

Hugo de Jonge: a man with a lot of power

Last Tuesday evening Hugo de Jonge indicated that people without a vaccine are "antisocial" and "take the rest of society hostage". The Deputy Prime Minister is anything but happy with people who have not yet been vaccinated. The 43-year-old CDA member returns to his words from a few months ago. De Jonge is now of the opinion that everyone [...]

Democracy and the will of the people

'Our democracy has been hanging by a thread for months,' said Herman Tjeenk Willink a week ago. But unfortunately that silk thread is made of the same fabric that the new clothes of the emperor (Hans Christian Andersen) are made of. In short, the democracy that so many acclaimed does not exist. That is why it is not […]

Are Russian politicians so smart, or are the EU's so stupid?

Quite frankly, I get the idea that the Russian Federation has caught up enormously with the so-called free West, of course we have not known a real democracy in the Netherlands, but a monarchy that embraced certain democratic concepts, but since it was determined in a devious way , that we should become part of a […]

Guest blog: Urk corona free and so frontrunner again

Guest blog: Urk corona free and thus frontrunner again, 04-09-2021 Ton Theunis: I have a question for someone who understands. Someone who can explain it, please. What's going on? Well… A card has been released from the European corona watchdog. The Netherlands was then declared 'code red' again. So that gets my attention. Red? How so? Well, […]

Anti-democracy as a global political pandemic

While a never-isolated virus has caused a new-style pandemic worldwide, it is rumored that a small isolated elite has spread a highly contagious political pandemic under the devalued moniker of democracy across many countries. A Global Political Pandemic Where a virus never isolated has caused a new style pandemic worldwide, rumors are that […]

Then I still believed in something! (looking back)

Dear reader, To my great delight I came across a video of Pim Fortuyn as the newly elected leader of Liveable Netherlands, I was here and from 1 minute 45 clearly with my wife in the picture, me in the front in a white turtleneck and my wife to the left of me, more than 20 years ago, Pim is […]

Australia is sick of it and is taking action

Stop Mandatory Vaccines and Testing! Earlier we reported that a MOBILIZATION ORDER has been issued in France to all citizens to fulfill their civic duty. Whether or not with the help of (a part of) the army. The country is oppressed, fundamental rights are violated and the people revolt. To what extent this […]

Taliban & Afghanistan

If we are to believe the EU propaganda machine, then the Taliban would be just as much a terrorist organization as, for example, Al Qaeda, but if you think for a moment, you quickly come to the conclusion that they have not claimed any attacks in the West to date, so from this we can see that this statement is completely wrong! The fall […]

Where are the investigative journalists?

The fact that career politicians lurk for power and then covet pure power says something about these pushers, but also everything about the system in which they can 'function'. Getting them on stage, however, is an entirely different story. If the media and within it the journalists would report completely truthfully, giving them all the space they need in depth […]

Are we at the mercy of psychopaths?

Take a look at the gas damage in Groningen, the unsavory allowances affair and all corona measures. Are we at the mercy of psychopaths? Take a look at the gas damage in Groningen, the unsavory allowances affair and all corona measures. We are allowed to color a circle red once every 4 years. We made an agreement and we kept telling each other […]

Some parenting tips, from experience

You often see parents struggling with unruly children around you. When you're young, you wonder if some of them were raised at all. 1 Be as consistent as possible. No is no and not after 3 times yes. But first consider why it has to be no, otherwise it will become a […]

Radio Glacier in conversation with writer Rients Hofstra

Radio Glacier in conversation with our own Rients Hofstra In recent years, Rients Hofstra has mainly studied Dutch politics. He devoted a series of books to it which he calls the 'Plush Revolution'. For years, Rients has been arguing for an alternative polity because he is convinced that politics no longer works […]

Netherlands Kutland? Well no! However?

Seventy percent of the Dutch think our country is a Kutland, Johan Derksen breathed it out of the screens. But is that so? We are a very hospitable and tolerant country. All kinds of foreigners are welcome here. Those who have exhausted all legal remedies are given the opportunity to hide in anonymity. But multinationals are also welcome here to […]

Vomit balls!

Dear reader, After I came across a video of Willem Engel in my last column, which thanks to @Je Bestevrienden, I came across a video by Willem Engel, who spoke very negatively about something he had said about the flood disaster that hit Limburg, among other things, alarm bells started ringing with me, [...]

Peasant wisdom.

Farmer's wisdom As we have become accustomed to, it is again the government that fails to fulfill its task. What we now also see more and more is that the farmers are picking up the baton again. Our farmer friends teach the bunch of hares in The Hague again the meaning of the word they used in the Second […]

Thoughts of a sheepdog.

Thoughts of a sheepdog. My name is Rommel, I am a firm sheepdog of a very respectable age. My father was a Friesian Stabyhoun and my mother a German Shepherd dog. As a puppy I grew up in beautiful Friesland, but as a young male I ended up in my current living environment. Although I here […]

An awkward situation yesterday

An awkward situation yesterday Yesterday I was allowed to feel what a lot of people started to feel about 90 years ago. As some readers will know, I regularly visit beautiful Spain. A country with sweet but wonderfully hot-tempered people. As soon as people didn't like something, they went […]

It's sink or swim!

It's sink or swim! Sometimes I am wrong. At the moment I think I was seriously mistaken. For many years I had been under the assumption that as Dutch people we were a seafaring nation that has dominated the world's seas for centuries. I assumed that the Dutch would build dikes and reclaim […]

Can a layperson also think?

Can a layperson also think? Every now and then I am accused of not being a doctor, virologist or scientist. And that accusation is justified. But how is it possible that in all countries large groups of those 'real' experts rely blindly on the results of the PCR tests. Blind is very appropriate here, because even […]

Censorship leads to morning mood.

Censorship leads to morning mood, It's that time again, no sooner has the day started than I want to bang my head against the wall again to smash out the nonsense that has flowed in. Even before breakfast any appetite is stripped by the degree of stupidity and absurdity that has once again been displayed. Hence […]