An awkward situation yesterday

An awkward situation yesterday Yesterday I was allowed to feel what a lot of people started to feel about 90 years ago. As some readers will know, I regularly visit beautiful Spain. A country with sweet but wonderfully hot-tempered people. As soon as people didn't like something, they went […]

It's sink or swim!

It's sink or swim! Sometimes I am wrong. At the moment I think I was seriously mistaken. For many years I had been under the assumption that as Dutch people we were a seafaring nation that has dominated the world's seas for centuries. I assumed that the Dutch would build dikes and reclaim […]

Can a layperson also think?

Can a layperson also think? Every now and then I am accused of not being a doctor, virologist or scientist. And that accusation is justified. But how is it possible that in all countries large groups of those 'real' experts rely blindly on the results of the PCR tests. Blind is very appropriate here, because even […]

Censorship leads to morning mood.

Censorship leads to morning mood, It's that time again, no sooner has the day started than I want to bang my head against the wall again to smash out the nonsense that has flowed in. Even before breakfast any appetite is stripped by the degree of stupidity and absurdity that has once again been displayed. Hence […]

Flood disaster in Limburg, what is really going on here?

Flood disaster in Limburg, what is really going on here? When I visited @Your best friend is watching with you on YouTube a day ago, I ended up in a very special spectacle, something that was actually set up to put Willem Engel in a bad light because of a statement by him about the [ …]

The miracle of Dunkirk

The miracle of Dunkirk. Recently I indicated in an earlier article that I should withdraw from time to time for the sake of my own mental peace of mind. Probably many of you will recognize this. Personally, during my forced “ostrich” days, I try to isolate myself as much as possible from about […]

No, coincidence does not exist

No, there is no such thing as coincidence. Where Rutte III cherishes the caretaker status, there is once again a coarse crumbling erosion going on at the citizen-contemptuous level of the current democratic norms and values. No, coincidence does not exist! Where Rutte III cherishes the caretaker status, there is a contemptuous level of the current democratic norms at the level of citizens […]

What do you want for your birthday?

I just got a call from someone very dear to me. Of course I am always very happy to talk to her and I always enjoy listening to her adventures. The lady in question is a very enterprising spry 70+. A woman of the world who has traveled a lot all her life, always adventurous […]

Does coincidence exist?

Does coincidence exist? If you don't believe in anything, you may believe in coincidence. After all, who or what goes behind your back to arrange something that initially seems purely coincidental? And in the second instance, until you find out that all kinds of coincidences happen to work out well for some people or organizations. A […]

The A status for a C virus!

The A status for a C virus! It is really unbelievable, the coronavirus is being equated with a real killer virus called Ebola, we are talking about our so-called parliament, but it turns out that these people are really not worth a cut in the nose except for a few, not be hindered, […]

Bill Cosby lucky man! However?

Bill Cosby lucky man! However? Bill Cosby (popular doctor Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show), has been released after accusations of assault and rape of quite a few women he drugged. Free because of form or process errors, leaving behind a battery of traumatized women. To avoid being accused of trivializing me: 'this man's behavior […]

Debate settled: IS scum back home?

Prologue: Today there is an interesting debate on the agenda. This early matinee that starts at 11:00 will be about whether or not to return ISIS women and their children. A sensitive issue that should not be taken lightly. An inattentive policy can have major damaging consequences for us citizens, so there are […]

Prick location: the false Mecca of the mRNA slaves

Prick Location: The False Mecca of the mRNA Slaves I live somewhere near our city's only puncture temple, once our sports hall. The original stronghold of health welcomed the first athletes more than 3 years ago. The new building turned out to be a hit. The approximately 40-year-old building would not […]

What kind of world do we live in now?

What kind of world do we live in now? If I am very honest, I say that I long for the time when the Netherlands was still a sovereign country, so the time before 2002, the Netherlands today, I have no connection with that at all, a paranoia digital society, where everywhere cameras are where […]

An essential LEGO message in the margin

An essential LEGO message in the margin LEGO has presented a prototype of a sustainably made building block. That's nice isn't it, it's hidden somewhere on p. 16 of the AD. Then a not unimportant sentence a little further on: 'Over the past 3 years, the company (ie LEGO) has tested 250 variants of sustainable plastic'. The article concludes […]

The new child of the account.

Today I have taken the trouble to follow the umpteenth corona debate with half an ear for a long time. Let me tell you that very little has changed in terms of debate content in more than a year. This is also the reason that, since the elections, I no longer […]

Conspiracy thinking and what truth?

This column by Rients Hofstra is from over a year ago. May 14, 2020 to be exact. It was the time when "mandatory vaccines" were a conspiracy theory that made you laugh. Conspiracy thinking and what truth? The life of a little conspiracy theorist is not about cobblestone vowels. Whenever something serious happens and […]

When knowledge is no longer desired.

Recently I had already started writing a response to a video by emeritus professor of immunology Pierre Capel. I did this in response to his worrying message in which he indicated that he would no longer make a video because of censorship terror. Of course, then something inside me broke and almost immediately […]

I puke on them!

I puke on them! I despise their behavior. The absurdity, the idiocy surrounding the king shaking his hand. What in God's name are we doing? Can we finally say: Enough is enough? How deep can and do we want to sink as a society? How much more idiotic can we start behaving? A hand […]

Bad cakes and sweet rolls

It's an interesting time we live in, I can't repeat it often enough. I am regularly struck dumb by strange “news” and today is another such day. Unfortunately, the topics I want to talk about are not as nutritious as the title suggests, but they can […]

CDA: no right to exist

CDA: no right to exist Thou shalt not lie is still one of the 10 sanctities. Pharisee Hoekstra is lying together an alternative bible if he only says he regrets Omtzigt's departure and that Pieter may return at any time as the prodigal son. These lies are pure contempt towards the few CDA voters who […]

CDA: politics in a nutshell

CDA: politics in a nutshell Anyone who thinks that what happened to the CDA in a short time (dubious party leader election, Sywert van Lienden and Pieter Omtzigt's memo bomb) is sad for this party and only a few incidents, I can reassure and disappoint . They are just symptoms, periodic vomits that unfortunately in the current political system […]

The protagonists, schwab and fauci

Professor Klaus Schwab Professor! That always sounds so reliable, don't you think? A professor. Someone who, for a modest salary, wants to pass on his wisdom to inquisitive students. The many books he has written suggest that we are dealing here with a wise, honest and modest man. Well, if ever there was a […]

Club Kristen out of the room!

Club Kristen out of the room! In my books I distinguish between Christians and Christians, between Jews and nefarious and between Muslims and Muslims. The lowercase groups are reprehensible hypocrites, who might just as well be called psychopaths. Just take the christians. These are the guests who grab a […]