Macron pushes people to their limits: “Unvaccinated people are selfish and irresponsible”

“Unvaccinated Selfish and Irresponsible” As predicted, Macron is leading the way in portraying the unvaccinated as the culprits of everything. While traveling in French Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron once again defended vaccination to fight the coronavirus. “We have a weapon that must be used, namely the vaccine. And I want to send a very strong message to everyone […]

“It was never about our health. It was about eugenics and genocide.”

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: 'It was never about health, always about eugenics and genocide' After interviewing countless experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, economics and medicine, lawyer Reiner Fuellmich came to the conclusion that the 'corona pandemic' never went away. for health, but always for the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises, and eugenics […]

The worst is yet to come……

The ifr of covid-19 for people under 70 is 0,05%. That means that 0,05% of people who get the disease die from it. This number is much lower for the 'vaccines'. So the vaccines are safe and less risky than Covid-19, it is claimed. For starters, I suspect that in Europe […]

Massive Protests Worldwide – ADDITIONAL IMAGES!

Massive protests worldwide against COVID vaccine passports and lockdown tyranny July 24, 2021 Hundreds of thousands of people are mobilizing worldwide. In England, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and even Finland, among others, in retaliation for their governments announcing draconian “health passes” to determine citizens' vaccination status and corona measures. Australia In Australia there are […]

Federal lawsuit for immediate shutdown of COVID vaccines

Federal Lawsuit for Immediate Shutdown of COVID Vaccines America's Frontline Doctors has filed a motion to stop the use of emergency COVID vaccines for anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has already had the so-called virus and built natural immunity AND anyone who not for the injection all fair data on the side effects […]

Important and shocking! The lies exposed

The greatest lie of all time exposed If you somehow ended up here without being a CommonSenseTV reader then you're in luck. Why? You now have the chance to see the shocking but also most important video about the coronavirus with Dutch subtitles. You will keep your eyes and your […]

Welcome to the nie(t)your NORMAL! (updated/updated)

In addition, entrance gates have been installed with security guards and a counting camera that counts how many people walk in and out." From the above art. ¨ Yet the Tilburg Fair, which opens its doors today, continues. The fair is a 'flow-through location' and therefore does not have to use Testing for Access or mouth caps.

Lies, lies and more lies

I was unable to write for several days. Not because there were no topics to write about, but out of self-protection. After I had watched and listened to a number of debates with the young and rutte, dear people, if I would have written my story about it immediately, there would have been a good chance that I would have […]

No, coincidence does not exist

No, there is no such thing as coincidence. Where Rutte III cherishes the caretaker status, there is once again a coarse crumbling erosion going on at the citizen-contemptuous level of the current democratic norms and values. No, coincidence does not exist! Where Rutte III cherishes the caretaker status, there is a contemptuous level of the current democratic norms at the level of citizens […]

How long will the lie still reign?

How long will the lie still reign? Of course I could write an extensive column here again, but actually this video is the only thing that deserves all the attention right now. It is beyond me that a very large part of the House of Representatives, but also the vast majority of the Dutch population do not […]

Everyone wants to see this, this is about you!

Be honest with yourself. As bad as it is, it's better to know so we can live in a nice society again. "You can always fool some people, but you can't always fool all the people." Ordinary people cannot imagine that […]

How does this continue? The social credit system

For today I had planned and prepared 3 articles/opinion pieces. But I've been hit with the flu. But that is no longer possible because the influenza has disappeared from the face of the earth. Then I have corona. Terrified, because there is now a 0,0001% chance that I will die. That was with the influenza […]

I'm afraid it's getting too late...

The net is tightening and tightening and people are still docilely standing in line. Soon the moment will come when hugo tells you to remember the number of your clothes hook, so that you can quickly find your clothes again after showering. Meanwhile, the story becomes more and more […]

Corona news

The newspapers are still bombarding everyone with corona horror news and jubilation about the vaccines every day. High time for another sobering update: 17.503 deaths from the vaccines reported to the EMA up to and including 3 July. Nearly 1,7 million injured, about half of them seriously. These are the results of the 27 […]

What's worse, do you think? An epidemic or a pandemic or a vaccine?

Introduction: 1: The sars-cov-2 virus is a theoretical virus created with a computer model. 2: The pcr test is a method of making something out of nothing. As a result, the PCR test is able to detect a virus that does not exist. 3: Mutations of the nonexistent virus do not exist. All […]

A little humor with a lot of truth.

came across the following by accident and couldn't resist posting it. It's probably been circulating Twatter and FB for a while, but since I don't use or follow either, I'm taking the risk. Source: Truthbubbles collecting the dots

The A status for a C virus!

The A status for a C virus! It is really unbelievable, the coronavirus is being equated with a real killer virus called Ebola, we are talking about our so-called parliament, but it turns out that these people are really not worth a cut in the nose except for a few, not be hindered, […]

Do you have 4 minutes for the truth? It will save you!

You have all gone mad! And Thierry doesn't say too much about that. What infantile empty heads there are in that politics, say. You no longer think it possible. The complete madness in a nutshell. If people were not in a fear psychosis, everyone would proudly say: That's common sense. The video […]

Vaccines and corona: The sense and the nonsense

Vaccines and corona: The sense and the nonsense Lareb side effects center. Side effects and deaths after the corona vaccine are reported there. Not all, only those who know they can report it or those who want to report it and who know that Lareb has to. No one close to my family and friends in the Netherlands thinks […]

Cardiac surgeon, Prof. dr. Jan Grandjean: “This is Mind Control!”

This is Mind Control! “This is Mind Control!” says Cardiac surgeon, Prof. dr. Jan Grandjean. He is 67 years old and has just graduated from the Thorax Center Twente, he is internationally known for his operations on a beating heart and is a part-time professor at the University of Twente. We are talking about none other […]

“Of course we are not going to force anyone to take a vaccine”

We have heard those words a lot and often. But as always with politicians, their words mean nothing at all or often even the opposite. The most terrible examples are easily found in terrorist scum like Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge. In the meantime, France is working on a vaccination obligation and in Spain they are going to pass a law […]

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: They are in panic mode

Legal hornet's nest In most countries, especially in Germany, the courts are not independent. Not all courts are bribed, there are always a few judges who don't play the game, lawyer Reiner Fuellmich said during his third interview with Jerm Warfare. One of those judges is Christian Dettmar from Weimar, who recently drew a line […]

Roll-call votes A-Status Corona: 103 for and 26 against

Thierry Baudet made a last attempt to convince the House to vote against the A status of corona. Due to this status, the measures remain in place. But corona is not comparable to Ebola. Nevertheless, the House voted in favour. The next step to permanent medical dictatorship. This is a historic day. We now have all the heads […]