We do it for the care…………

Gelezen 2.700   Ja Tjeerd, jij kan nu wel allemaal artikelen schrijven over het virus en de maatregelen en dat het allemaal onzin is, maar de ziekenhuizen dan? En de IC’s dan? Weet je wel hoe erg dat is wat daar gebeurt?   Dat schrikbeeld toch van die overvolle ziekenhuizen vanwege de corona crisis. Dat […]

Dockers United stand up to the QR code for solidarity! | The Other Newspaper Podcast #9

Read 2.128 Sander Compagner tells in De Andere Krant Podcast about the action group Dockers United from Rotterdam. A large group of diverse dock workers who do not accept the mandatory QR code. We then talk to writer Pieter Stuurman about his weekly column. This week he makes the comparison that according to many people you should not make. […]

Germany announces national lockdown for unvaccinated

Read 1.793 Angela Merkel – All or nothing! You notice that the governments make the strangest jumps like cats in a corner. They still assume that citizens will accept this and that they can go through with their plans, but something tells me that the people behind the scenes have let go of the governments, and after […]

Corona pass illegal: Correct the situation or penalty of €5.000 per day

Read 4.720 Corona pass declared illegal And this is only the beginning of the good news... A court in Namur has declared the use of the Corona Safe Ticket illegal in Wallonia. If no measures are taken to rectify this situation, the Walloon region will soon have to pay a penalty of 5.000 euros per day. […]

LIVE: appeal mouth caps: I just want to go to school!

Read 2.333 LIVE appeal today at 9:30 From Foundation “I just want to go to school“ Can we boost this en masse? Are you live with our appeal regarding the mouth cap obligation in schools? As we announced in our previous message, we will be in […]


Read 3.442 Revolution Despite all the security services attacking this word, I call this piece 'revolution', but actually I want to investigate what a […]

Oh dear, another variant….

Read 2.904 Oh dear, another variant…. A few weeks ago, new measures were announced by the terrorist dictators. The day before, a record number of 'new infections' was reported. Most people didn't seem to fall for that. Many people began to realize that they had been cheated and there were massive demonstrations against the […]

A lot has changed

Read 2.589 A lot has changed When I first entered the world here in 1959 on February 8, I was still welcome, despite being a baby of only three pounds and three ounces and having little fingers with nails like pinheads (something my mother later told me). has told) the general practitioner, Dr. De Beer, will […]

Saturday or disaster day?

Read 4.687 Saturday or disaster day? I saved this photo to post on CSTV on a Saturday. (If you watch TV you are in the middle of a deadly pandemic. If you don't watch it is Saturday) In two lines all the madness summed up. Except that between […]

Gideon van Mijeren: Everything is said here. President breaks off debate.

Read 3.021 Strikes, Resistance, Civil Disobedience Gideon does not shy away from any subject. And he is clear and honest about violence. The truth is so obvious. Gideon can explain very calmly and clearly what is going on in this country and across the borders. The behavior of the MPs who interrupt [...]