Corona pass illegal: Correct the situation or penalty of €5.000 per day

Read 4.709 Corona pass declared illegal And this is only the beginning of the good news... A court in Namur has declared the use of the Corona Safe Ticket illegal in Wallonia. If no measures are taken to rectify this situation, the Walloon region will soon have to pay a penalty of 5.000 euros per day. […]

Excess mortality is increasing in the Netherlands


Read 2.439 Excess mortality in the Netherlands is increasing According to the CBS, excess mortality in the Netherlands is increasing, reports the NOS website. Last week, considerably more people died in the Netherlands than expected. More than 3750 people died and that means an 'excess mortality' of almost 850, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics. The […]

Jeu-de-boules club Vierlingsbeek: Three people die in one week

Read 5.097 Three elderly members died in a week at the jeu-de-boules club in Vierlingsbeek. Watch how the Brabants Dagblad brings the following news. This was written by Joost Aiaans on 3-11-11, 21:07Under the article another version of this story. Jeu-de-boules club hit hard by corona: three deaths in one week VIERLINGSBEEK / GREENINGEN – The Vierlingsbeekse […]

What is an mRNA vaccine?

Read 14.999 Hacking the software of life How exactly does a vaccine with mRNA technology work? Bill Gates's mouth is watering at the idea that the whole world is being injected several times with a syringe or vaccine with this mRNA technology. But what exactly does it do in the human body? […]

Heart attack during exercise

Read 3.745 There is an informative article in the Margriet about heart attacks during sports An excerpt from this informative article; According to the Hartstichting, approximately 150 to 200 people die each year in the Netherlands during or shortly after exercise from heart problems, such as a heart attack. Often the cause is an underlying heart disease where the athlete himself […]

Policy advisory scientist Anthony Fauci pulls sadistic wallet?

Read 4.345 Policy advisory scientist Anthony Fauci pulls sadistic wallet? Dear readers, Today I thought for a moment until here and no further. Now my limits have been reached and I don't even want to know the content of this story anymore. I can't anymore. With that thought I closed the laptop and with only […]

Flemings are not excluded from CSTV.

Read 2.546 According to the Open University, exclusion or to use an academically sound synonym, Ostracism can lead to: Ostracism is the rejection, exclusion or complete ignoring of a person. This can happen consciously, but also unconsciously. Ostracism can manifest itself in any social context. Research shows that during the stage when victims learn […]

De Andere Krant Podcast #2 – Truth seekers about Moderna and Dutch journalism

Read 2.349 De Andere Krant Podcast #2 In this podcast, 2 journalists from De Andere Krant tell about the general newspapers in the Netherlands, journalism as a revenue model and that the crisis is the remedy for the 10-year failure of Moderna. Guest in this podcast: Toine rongen:… Elze van Hamelen: Presentation: Niels Lunsing: /Nielslunsing […]

De Audiokrant edition 51 – Politics, graphene & connecting!

Read 3.833 De Audiokrant edition 51 Patricia Mensink tells in De Audiokrant that she was very satisfied with her last broadcast of AlwarenessTV. Economist Ad Broere was a guest and according to Patricia he was able to articulate very clearly the situation in which we ended up. An economic crisis is inevitable and that is why it is good to […]