Again so people understand: STAY OFF THE VACCINE!!!

Begrijp wat hier gezegd wordt, beste twijfelaars. Dr. David Martin is al ruim 2 decennia actief binnen zijn bedrijf met het monitoren van patenten op o.a. virussen en vaccins en is tevens verantwoordelijk voor het monitoren van misstanden en eventuele schendingen van (bio)wapenwetten. De woorden van Fauci in 2015: “We moeten het het publiek proberen […]

The care? It will be a big worry for them.

Veel beeldmateriaal, maar zeker het bekijken waard.   Ik zie dit min of meer als een verklaring waarom er vanuit die zorg zo weinig kritiek komt op het vaccinatie beleid en waarom de artsen die dat dat wel doen monddood gemaakt worden. Houd bij dit alles ook in Uw achterhoofd dat momenteel zogenaamde medici de […]

Doctor warns vaccinees could die within 3 years

Doctor warns vaccinees may die within 3 years Says Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian doctor who has sounded the alarm many times and is now gaining more and more acclaim. You can hardly imagine that this is actually the case, but when you listen to this doctor's 9-minute monologue, it sounds […]

Federal lawsuit for immediate shutdown of COVID vaccines

Federal Lawsuit for Immediate Shutdown of COVID Vaccines America's Frontline Doctors has filed a motion to stop the use of emergency COVID vaccines for anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has already had the so-called virus and built natural immunity AND anyone who not for the injection all fair data on the side effects […]

German media is beginning to “tilt”. Should we be happy about that?

Media seems to be “tilting” We see that various mainstream media, newspapers and TV channels worldwide are starting to tilt. This mainly happens in America and Australia, but also in our neighboring country Germany. They seem to be "critical" about the corona measures, the vaccines and the tests. Only 500 days late. Earlier, ZDF […]

All those variants, they make you sick.

Texas hospital reports first case of lambda COVID-19 variant Retrieved from : The lambda variant was first discovered in Peru in December 2020. A major Texas hospital system has reported its first case of the lambda COVID-19 variant as the state unwinds from the rampant delta variant. Houston Methodist Hospital, which has eight hospitals in its […]

Censorship leads to morning mood.

Censorship leads to morning mood, It's that time again, no sooner has the day started than I want to bang my head against the wall again to smash out the nonsense that has flowed in. Even before breakfast any appetite is stripped by the degree of stupidity and absurdity that has once again been displayed. Hence […]

Cardiac surgeon, Prof. dr. Jan Grandjean: “This is Mind Control!”

This is Mind Control! “This is Mind Control!” says Cardiac surgeon, Prof. dr. Jan Grandjean. He is 67 years old and has just graduated from the Thorax Center Twente, he is internationally known for his operations on a beating heart and is a part-time professor at the University of Twente. We are talking about none other […]

13-year-old teen dies asleep after Covid19 vaccine

Michigan Teen Dies After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine: CDC “Investigates” A Michigan teen died in his sleep right after being given the “corona vaccine.” It concerns 13-year-old Jacob Clynick. A CDC spokesperson said the matter is under investigation. “CDC is aware of a 13-year-old boy in […]

The Doctors Collective Foundation: Don't make hasty decisions!

This article is from the Foundation for Doctors Covid Collective Vaccinating healthy children is irresponsible The Doctors Collective is very concerned and displeased with the advice of the Health Council to 'make the Covid-19 vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer available to all adolescents aged 12 to 17 years who wish to make use of it'. The vast majority of […]

School doctor warns you as a parent: Several children have heart problems after vaccination

Doctors warn against vaccinating children Dear ignorant parents. If you only knew what's going on in the world, you wouldn't even think about getting your child vaccinated. In Austria, several children with severe vaccination reactions had to go to hospital. In one case, myocarditis has already been confirmed. (source) “Myocarditis is inflammation of the […]

Idiocy at its best: vaccinating teenagers as a 'shield'…?!?!

Article by WantToKnow Vaccinating children as a shield? How is it possible that as a (pediatric) doctor you just go over the Oath of Hypocrates with your mud boots? That you make it an 'oath of hypocrisy'..? How can you as a doctor want to vaccinate a group of people with an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE, the side effects of which are not yet known, […]

Marc van Ranst doesn't get the point

Marc van Ranst doesn't get the point People like Marc van Ranst are people who only care about themselves and their own interests and act accordingly. We all know these types of people in our environment. They are people who never take criticism or hold up a mirror to themselves. They act from […]

Regret about vaccination strikes

Article from Frontnieuws Regret Like buyer's remorse after spending a lot of money on a product you realize you don't want and shouldn't have bought, millions of people have vaccine remorse after being treated with central nervous system-disrupting, blood-curdling, filthy Covid-19 vaccines have been injected. For many others, the remorse for their relatives, friends, neighbors […]

PCR Results not suitable as a basis for pandemic measures

PCR Results not suitable as a basis for pandemic measures In the renowned Journal of Infection, researchers from the Medical Faculty of the UDE point out that the results of RT-PCR tests alone are not sufficiently meaningful to justify measures to combat pandemics. According to the study, positive test results do not prove that people can infect other people […]

Let's not gamble with our kids!

The newsletter below is from the Doctors Covid Collective Foundation. (source) Let's not gamble with our children! We are sending this newsletter faster than usual. This haste stems from our deep concern about the potential development surrounding the vaccination of children and young people outside clear Covid-19 risk groups. Disseminating and discussing background information on usefulness and […]

Eric Clapton: “Will I ever play guitar again after the Corona shot?”

“Will I ever play guitar again after the Corona jab?” Eric Clapton wonders in an interview… Watch the whole interview here: “Will I ever play guitar again after the Corona jab? ” Eric Clapton wonders in an interview… Eric Claptop has been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine but doesn't know if he […]

All about the corona pandemic with Reiner Fuellmich

The Trueman Show #29 with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich During our search about class actions worldwide and watching the hearings with witnesses, experts and whistleblowers, in order to make a clear summary in the form of an article, a lot of information comes up and it is not easy for that good and […]

The Covid vaccine should never have been released to the public

dr. Roger Hodkinson The Covid vaccine should never have been released to the public because it is experimental in nature, and it raises such serious complications and concerns about future risks that its distribution should be stopped immediately. According to Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a highly experienced retired pathologist who is president of an American […]

Annemiek died immediately after vaccine

This is an article from the Algemeen Dagblad. Het Dagblad, which has had 450 days to ask obvious critical questions, warn the population about the vaccines and better inform them about the unimaginative corona numerically. All facts. Now it seems like the media is getting their hands […]

Summer perspective? About Immunity and Vaccines

“Up to April, 351 deaths had already been reported in the Netherlands after vaccination, of which 26 were under the age of 65.” The figures, now more than 2 months later, are not yet known. This is from the newsletter of the Foundation Doctors Covid Collective Summer perspective? About Immunity and Vaccines It's Summer! Summer seems to have started. You feel […]