KALERGI: Everybody's Bastard's Plan

The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Deep Pockets, Zionists, Free Masons.
We want to know their names!!
Lest we forget!

Oh THEY!!!! We want names!! UPDATE

Oh THEY!!!! We want names! 'The absolute state of things we have to live with. Who are responsible for that? THE CULPRITS The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Marxists, Zionists, Free Masons… We want names! Part 1: Barbara Specter With this knowledge we know no forgiveness! FACTS!! Barbara […]

Vaccination keeps a virus alive

And again a good find from yt channel De Kapitein Are people consciously or not injected with a vaccine, such as injecting a form of the virus created in the lab via vaccination, and thereby keeping a virus in circulation/maintaining? Discussions that are now banned everywhere. Judge for yourself. Read […]

The West is the Best

Get to know Afghanistan. Where over the years the faith has not changed, but the ruler(s) You know what Afghanistan looks like today, but if you see what it looked like 50 years ago you wouldn't believe it Below is from Romy Mortier www .curioctopus.nl The famous photo with the title […]

Do what I say, not what I do

Do you remember? Quite a few people got excited when ¨the king¨ said the following words ¨Do not make normal what is not normal¨ he said with a serious look. Before you try to push ahead with your flag at the next orange party to catch a glimpse of our¨ royal highness, please […]

The care? It will be a big worry for them.

Lots of footage, but definitely worth watching. I see this more or less as an explanation of why there is so little criticism of vaccination policy from the healthcare sector and why the doctors who do are silenced. With all this, keep in mind that currently so-called medics […]

The miracle of Dunkirk

The miracle of Dunkirk. Recently I indicated in an earlier article that I should withdraw from time to time for the sake of my own mental peace of mind. Probably many of you will recognize this. Personally, during my forced “ostrich” days, I try to isolate myself as much as possible from about […]

World Economic Forum and Climate Change

World Economic Forum and Climate Change Check out the agenda of the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, where all government leaders and bankers gather, and you will notice that the climate crisis dominates the program. Where does this obsession with the climate at the World Economic Forum come from? In order to answer this question, […]

Professor Vonkert is furious!

Triggered by Rienst's piece, my memory and my "look familiar" neurons (or whatever they call those signals) began to reactivate. I was reminded of a piece by Professor Vonkert who was furious, and so applicable when I didn't want to keep it from you. […]

Who were really behind the 1st and 2nd world war?

Thanks to Aaldrik CommonSense Subscriber. Source: RathFoundation We live in a time of openness! Of course the Established Order wants to prevent this. In this manifestation on March 13, 2012 in Berlin, Dr. Rath the people in Germany and Europe to take responsibility. It is a call, a common democratic Europe for people and […]

May 5th, what deliverance?

May 5, what liberation? On May 5, we will be celebrating the 76th day of the liberation of the Germans. Funny that we don't commemorate, let alone celebrate, the liberation of the French under Napoleon. Is it because we assume that the last enemy was defeated in May 1945? It's just how we get there […]

Don't bend!

Whether you are a believer or not, this sermon by Evangelist Jaap Dieleman is one we can all use. Never give in to tyranny, but keep your back straight and do not arch. Fight for the good; freedom, justice and love, all in the glory of God. A message that will empower many of us...

Could it be that everything is lied?

Everything is a lie Todo es mentira It's all lies The Corman-Droste document forms the basis of all corona misery we find ourselves in. This is an official document prepared by a number of virologists and pcr test manufacturers recommending the use of a pcr test for something for which the test does not […]

The Star of David - Symbol of the persecution of the Jews

Step by step the Jews were separated from the rest of the population. Signs increasingly appeared in public stating that Jews in certain areas were "not wanted." Later these signs became much more explicit: Forbidden for Jews. Anti-Jewish policy became more and more strict. Jews were banned in more and more places. Zoos, cinemas […]