Crazy: majority of parties is before taxpayer money to the Taliban

Read 3.210 Your pants will drop off when you see this. Even the 'right-wing' VVD votes AGAINST the Van Haga/Van Weerdenburg motion about not transferring tax money to the Taliban. You would almost think that the majority of the House is there to bully the Dutch people on purpose. Tax money, what you would […]

Housing shortage and brain death?

Read 2.860 Housing shortage and also brain dead? Today I would like to ask a few questions about the following topic. This is because it concerns a housing shortage, especially in the large cities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. In the latter there was a protest going on this weekend. And let me start by acknowledging that there are […]

There's nothing like Friesland

Read 3.817 A while ago I wrote that we had better divide the country in two. Part for the people who obediently want to follow Mark and Hugo and their fellow criminals and part for the people who can think. Our Rients has a more […]

Gideon van Meijeren: We must stop this demographic transition!

Read 1.632 A major demographic transition is taking place. If we continue to welcome immigrants en masse, the Dutch will soon be a minority in their own country. Gideon van Meijeren comes up with solutions to keep the Netherlands as a homeland for the Dutch. Wanting to preserve your own culture is not racism. It is just crazy that you […]

Relief among Ebola patients. (all kidding on a pcr stick)

Read 1.037 After their perilous crossing, these so-called "boat people" were delirious with joy after finally landing safely on the mainland. After all, they were the ones who could leave the Ebola-ravaged country. Many preceded them, but this was removed because of the risk of concern among the European population […]

KALERGI: Everybody's Bastard's Plan

The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Deep Pockets, Zionists, Free Masons.
We want to know their names!!
Lest we forget!

Trouble for Joe and the rest of the world

Read 66 Taliban demands victory over Joe Biden has caused America's prestige in the world to sink to a low point, he has also created a dangerous situation for America and the western world. Not only did he leave hundreds to thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, but he also made the Taliban […]

Thanks Joe Biden: Taliban Now Bigger Air Force Than Most NATO Countries

Read 54 You get what you vote for in the US In this video from 2017, Trump speaks prophetic words about Afghanistan: Joe Biden's great failure As Biden tries to clean up his alley, Rasmussen announces that 52% of Americans think Joe Biden must resign (source). The withdrawal of the […]

We don't know who the Afghan refugees are

Read 34 American failure Who are those Afghan refugees anyway and why did American troops leave like thieves in the night? A month ago, Bagram airbase was suddenly shrouded in darkness. The airbase is not just any small airport, it is the size of a city where the Americans operated. There are shops, gyms […]