1 + 1 = 2 right? or is nitrogen to blame here too?

What I ask myself is which mathematical formula is used in The Hague to calculate volume and division? I think I am aware, as everyone who has attended primary school that the result of the sum 1 + 1 is still 2. And that if I have a bucket of 10 liters, I […]

French generals warn against military 'intervention'

20 former French generals and 100 officers warn politically against military 'intervention' as divisive critical race theory is destroying society A huge group of former and current French military signed an open letter this week warning of the imminent danger of so-called anti-racist ideology, and there with French President Emmanuel Macron on […]

London ISIS supporter for life for plans of 2nd 9/11

We need a 9/11 2.0 A man from East London was jailed on Tuesday for planning a terrorist attack, the Metropolitan Police said. The name is Sahayb Aweys Munye Abu, a 27-year-old wanna-be rapper. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales with a […]

Greece: "Migrants escorted by warships are not refugees"

Turkish patrol boats are said to have tried to guide rubber boats with migrants into Greek waters. Migrants, who are escorted to the EU by Turkish warships, are not refugees, according to Greece. “The Geneva refugee convention concerns people who flee from dangers. Not people who are supported in the crossing by a neighboring country ”, […]

Biden opens borders: 861 criminals have been arrested, including 92 sex offenders

Joe Biden plunges America into immigration crisis. That was also his election threat so it's no surprise. A Border Patrol department head reported that since the start of the fiscal year, more than 861 criminals have been found at the border, including 92 sex offenders and 63 gang members. “Within the great number of groups found in” […]

America: Republicans stop corona madness. Biden opens up borders wide

Republican States End Corona Madness Despite Joe Biden sitting in the White House as President of America through stolen elections, a movement has emerged among the people like never before. Soon a nice documentary about this that the media will not show you. This will also spread to Europe. Despite Joe's arguments […]

Merkel's scandal-stricken party is limping toward likely defeats

Merkel's scandal-stricken party is limping toward likely defeats in major state elections months before Germans elect next chancellor Germans will vote in two state elections this Sunday, and Angela Merkel's party could lose them both, potentially paving the way for defeat at the September general elections which marked the […]

Apartheid under Sigrid Kaag

Apartheid under Sigrid Kaag's regime The chance that Sigrid Kaag will play an important or even leading role in politics is quite high. She has the right connections with the most influential agencies. Her resume is filled with all kinds of clubs that are affiliated with the New World Order. She also knows […]

What is the purpose of the Corona crisis?

What is the purpose of the corona crisis? Many people wonder how and why we ended up in this dystopia. In any case, it is not a deadly virus. The evidence is there for the taking that lockdowns are scientific madness. There are more than 20 studies available that lockdowns don't work. (1) Sweden and […]

Marine Le Pen is being tried for opposition to jihadist terror

Marine Le Pen is being tried for opposition to jihad terror Just when you thought France was becoming more sensitive about the jihad threat. You thought it would stop slandering and de-platforming enemies of jihad terror? No. The following Soviet-style judgments of madness follow. And what comes next? The answer is clear enough. AFP reported on Tuesday that the French […]

Prime Minister Draghi of Italy receives support from Matteo Salvini

Salvini back in Italian government? Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has received initial backing from two major parties in forming a government to get the country out of the current political crisis after Conte's government fell. How did the government fall from conte? A small Italian coalition party has its ministers […]

Ceaseless terror from BlackLivesMatter and Antifa

Antifa and BlackLivesMatter: "Burn it down!" Yesterday, friends of the Democrats BlackLivesMatter vandals and members of the far-left terrorist organization Antifa marched through Washington DC, threatening people over dinner. "Burn it down!" Said the protesters. "We are here tonight because black lives matter," said members of the far-left group. “Despite the fact that black lives […]

Investigation into child abuse thanks to VOX

CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL MALLORCA Brussels will investigate the abuse of minors thanks to the efforts of the nationalists of VOX in Spain. VOX has fought over a petition filed by a Spanish citizen José Luis Sánchez Saliquet. In its own country, the party could not count on support for a large-scale investigation by a committee. The […]

Police end brawl in Cypriot refugee camp

At least 35 people were injured in the refugee camp in the capital, Nicosia. Some 600 men reportedly took part in the slugfest. Migrants of multiple nationalities are said to be involved. Steel beams and stones are said to have been used as weapons. It is not known what prompted the fight. Currently boats are flushing almost daily […]

Fear instead of democracy.

Fear rules, pure fear. While we are undemocratically tumbled into a lockdown out of fear, weighed down by a policy based on accumulated minority views and are officially led by a head of state who is allowed to play our king through a neo-medieval custom, something is happening over there in a world power that in its entirety is still there. has drifted farther than that, […]

EU gives Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,5 million euros

The umpteenth "throw with the money" game of the European Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina is receiving the aid package because a migrant camp has been burned down. In April 2020, Bosnia-Herzegovina also received 4,5 million from the EU. Purpose of the aid package: “to provide assistance to vulnerable refugees and migrants facing a humanitarian disaster in Bosnia”. The […]

Buckle up for The End Game

Buckle up for The End Game By S. de Roon What the corona crisis has taught us: The End Game will take place in the coming years. Within a few months or years, the financial system will collapse and there will be a battle between Good versus Evil, Central Banks and the Pharmaceutical Industry versus The People. On […]

Why Mark Rutte is not there for you… ..

How can it be that Mark Rutte does not stand up for the Dutch people who have chosen him, voted for him (well, not really of course) and pays him to rule the country well and serve the people. Why should Mark Rutte cooperate in the implementation […]

Pim Fortuyn in 2001 on immigration issues

PROPHETIC WORDS OF PIM FORTUYN Immigration: More than 17 years ago we had this man with a vision. A rational view of the problem. Pim Fortuyn was far ahead of his time. But common sense was not accepted and Pim had to pay with death.

Packs of Turks hunt Christians in the streets of France

In Lyon, France, troops of Turks and Azeris hunt Armenian Christians. Because Macron refuses to intervene, the French take the law into their own hands, because: Radical situations, demand radical solutions !! These situations that we see with sadness take place abroad are coming very quickly to YOUR direction !! Tolerant today, […]

Why should you trust the government?

Why should you trust the government? Many people feel that there is now something strange going on with the approach to the corona, it feels a bit inconsistent, the rules are constantly changing, it all seems a bit clumsy and not very useful. But hey, the government may sometimes make some mistakes, but everything […]

Great Britain after Brexit: No more asylum for illegal immigrants

The British Home Office wants to thoroughly reform its asylum system after “Brexit”. British Home Secretary Priti Patel of the Conservative Party recently made this clear in an interview. The key point here is that illegal immigrants will in principle no longer receive asylum in Great Britain from next year. In an interview, the […]

Donald Trump "Don't be afraid of Corona"

DONALD TRUMP: "DON'T LET IT DOMINATE YOU!" Donald Trump, who tested positive for corona last week, has been patched up and back in the White House. The media and the Dems had already uncorked the champagne. The first day came with their obligatory “our thoughts go out to the President” but very soon […]

Nightlife in Paris must be locked for 15 days

For Paris and the 'Petite Couronne', the three departments that lie around the French capital, the 'maximum vigilance' applies from Tuesday. New rules for this will be announced tomorrow. This is reported by the office of French Prime Minister Jean Castex. All bars and cafes will have to close completely for 15 days. Contrary to what was previously feared, the […]